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Rich Soryu
Today I went to a friends house and he gave me a '92 GT Mach One for free. Not a bad bike and is rather comfortable for it's short top tube. It has Sun rims, ACS hubs which appear to be dated 10/91, Powerlite bars, and the cage on one of the pedals has a four spades on the end. The rest seems stock. I assume these came stock with those rims and hubs? What about the Powerlite bars? Anyways, here it is. I am going to clean it up and basically keep it as a stock Mach One, maybe get some 3-piece cranks for it for better looks.

Can anyone give me a run down on the parts list that the 92 Mach One came with?

I'll fix the first picture when I get home.

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If I'm not mistaken, and that sticker is original, those bars pre-date the bike.
Not Eddie Roman
Those bars definitely weren't stock. Pretty cool, though. They're aluminum, sized? The Pro Neck chainring wouldn't have been a stock item, either. The Dyno stem and the Sun rims may have been, though.
Cool that they were all chrome moly, too rather than just the front half. Definitely old school bars on that, the chainring too. The pedals are Victor. The rest looks stock.
Nbl 49a
Hey Rich,

All the responses are correct. Those are older Powerlite bars and they do pre-date the bike. I haven't seen one of those stickers in a long time.

Interesting that two Gt's popped up from the same two year period in the same week both with Dyno stems.

Replace the pedals with some Gt Double Traps or some Gt "Dx" copies. I would also snatch up the black winged Gt pads on ebay I mentioned in the Gt Elite post if I was you.

There has also been a set of Gt Megabyte tires with tan sidewalls on Ebay for a while. The guy is very interested in selling them. Drop him a line he might take a side offer for less. He already tried to get me to take them off his hands a while ago when I asked for pics.

Good Luck!

Nbl 49a
Kastan National Team 91-92

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Rich Soryu
What brakes and levers would be correct?
Rich Soryu
I remember in the early 90s I'd go to the bike shop all the time to buy brake pads and grips and gawk at GT and Robinson bikes while I was there. They were new bikes and had Dyno stems on them. I always thought it was wierd because some Dyno's had GT stems. I never understood why GT mixed parts around between their brands.
Nbl 49a
I would go with Odyssey Pitbulls. Black would be most correct. They may have ran Dia Compe Bull Dogs-I think they were called-but no one would fault you for Pitbulls. Pitbull II Lever would be fine with the Odysseys. Dia Compe with the other choice.

The higher End Gt stuff ran Gt stems. The lower end stuff they used what was cheapest.

Nbl 49a
Kastan National Team 91-92
Rich Soryu
Dia-Compe Bulldogs are nice, that is what I use on my Auburn. I have a set of black Pitbulls but no ODY levers. Thanks for the advice. I was thinking about putting some GT bars on it and some Gt grips if I could find them. Which bars and grips sound proper for this bike? I remember that my '90 Dyno Detour came with GT grips.
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