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The WINTER BLAST has been rescheduled!!!
Jan 27, 2007 is the official date. Same place (Broadway Pizza, 94 and Broadway), same killer slide show... more time to tell yer old riding buddies that it's time to dig out your old pics for show and tell!

I kid you not, this is going to be rad. Pics from the early days or BMX, freestyle footage from local shredders and tons of pics from BITD with a soundtrack that will kick ***.

Now the big questions:
Will Manning show?
Will T Carl hold a polishing 101 class in the bar?
Is Pauly Springloaded going really try to jump a car in the parking lot?
Will KOP show up with a Tahoe under his arm and challenge Paul to a jump-off?
Will MConley hold court at a corner table, spinning tales of BMX yore?
Will JT make it?
Will Ditch Weed really be there with STRIKES fedora?
Is B. Apold going to do some doughnuts in the parking lot piloting a Camaro with Van Halen providing the soundtrack?
Will SeanDeckerRatt show up with Warren DiMartini in tow?

Are YOU going to miss this spectacle? I don’t think so!
Paul Springer
Great news, I think I can secure Jumpin Jim Pratt's ramps that he is selling on Craigs List. I will start practicing right away!

Good job Mike!

[ December 04, 2006, 05:51 PM: Message edited by: Paul Springer ]
Even Bigger Questions-----

-Will Manning show up in a speedo?
-Will T Carl take time away from his schwinn orgy's?
-Is Pauly Springloaded going really going to have a beer with MConley THEN jump Brads car WHILE Brads carving doughnuts?
-Will KOP show up with Baxter?
-Will MConley need to find a hotel within staggering distance?
-Is B. Apold going to really be duct taped to the hood of his car before the night is done??
-Will SeanDeckerRatt be sporting his latest ebay purchase?

I better leave these guys alone---
Will JT make it?
Will Ditch Weed really be there with STRIKES fedora?
Ditch will be there! Or else!
JT hopefully will be back in MN by then...
Will KRT bust out his Dave's jersey?
Will Bill S. manual the parking lot?
Can Suntour really hitchhiker the parking lot?
Will retro show up to man the grill?
Does Broadway allow grills?
Will ndparts4galaxie unveil yet another dope bike only to stash it in his wagon?
Will moreyracing make it to minneapolis for the RITMO CALIENTE show and stay for the slideshow?
Will bosonovaB bust a can can footplant to let everyone know what's up?
Will the faction master plan for Rockford be revealed?
Is there a masterplan?
Hopefully I can get STRIKES fedora, with him in it!

Bringing some OS ridin buddies....New faction recruits!

Have to figure out a "new guy hazing/initiation" for them!
HsAc best be showing up too!
It'll be a lot easier to ride the Big Daddy to there than JSAW. Hopefully there's a ton of snow for some snowbank jumping.
What time on the 27th...I hate flying for work.
It's 6 - 10 P.M.
JT is correct!
I will have everything updated this weekend!

It's going to be 100% karateka.

Morey, are you really riding the bus up here for the event?
I will be hitch hiking parking lots in Arkansas that weekend ... oh well, .

BBQ III maybe...

have a great time guys!

A week and a half away!!!
We're rocking!
rick kast
mike ,
pm me an exact addy for mapquest and some idea of hotels/motels.
is it near MOA? need something for the wife to do.
Hey Rick! I'll throw the info in the thread for others that are wondering where it is as well...
There is a link out on, click "Broadway Pizza" right above the address for the restaurant. It's about 20 minutes from the MOA.

This is going to be awesome! Hope to see all the locals there as well as some new faces.
I have been dialing in the slideshow in and all I can say is that I am blown away by the level of riding here in MN, both BITD and now!
It's going to be rad...

Ditch, you still stoked?
I'm still hungry. Bring on the Pizza!!
Right on Steef! Looking forward to BSing with you!

I just got done knocking out one of the segments for Saturdays show and it is DIALED in. Lots of racing and freestyle pics. There are so many great shots that I am making a prt 2 show to tag onto the end of this one!
This is going to be a great time, show up and rock out!
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