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MotoBMX is a member of OS-BMX from Michigan. He posted this to see if there is any interest.
Organizing a Old, Mid, New School BMX event for 2007 at Waterford Oaks. I am working with the park and the NBL to hold the event during the weekend of the Great Lakes National which should be the 2nd or 3rd week in August. Waterford Oaks is a beautiful venue with a well groomed track that has been active since 1974 and had the Worlds held there in 1994. The park has a waterpark and allows camping during the wekend.

Working out the details but wanted to start this thread to get the ball rolling. Hopefully a winter show and swap will follow around November of 07'

I am also working on a BMX display for the 07' Detroit Autorama for those interested in the possibility of showing a bike. It would be nice to show other bikes than Sting Rays for a change (nothing wrong with that, just trying to add flavor). Also will have info for local tracks as well as how to get started in BMX info. I own one of every size BMX bike so hopefully by putting a bike in front of their face that fits them will assist in bringing even more riders to the sport.

Any one interesting in volunteering in anyway will be well appreciated.

Stay Tuned and feel free to add and/or comment.

Thread link is here

So how about it Michigan members? Ohio guys? Chicago guys? Anyone else interested in either of these events?

Chime in....

Motor City Mongoose
We've been trying to talk Al Petri's/Bicycle Don & Deb into something like that for a few years. After last years Autorama, we were pretty sure they were going to add a Vintage BMX class to the show/contest. If I'm not in Daytona for bike week, my son & I will be there with as many bikes as we can. I know right now I could do a minimum of six as survivors.

Cool Dave, if it actually happens, I'm in for 6 or 7 bikes myself.
Motor City Mongoose
Here's a link to the Autorama info.....

Daytona bike week is the 2nd thru the 11th, so I may be able to fly back for it.
I hope it can happen. He||, the BMX bikes might outnumber the other stuff.
I'm from the Motor City area. Don't have much, but let me know, at least I may show up for some support.

Also, I'm allways in the mood for a good burger and beer (sometimes sub. with pop). If anybody want's to get together. I just have a verry wierd working scedule. live near Detroit, but travel to Monroe, and Hillsdale areas all the time.
Moosegoose Nick
Hell, since it's not that far, I'll have to see what my work schedule looks like, but I'd love to make it.
Count at least 10 old scool bikes from the Cleve,OH are,if you need them.The Detroit Autorama is the best one one around
Motor City Mongoose
OK, I think I may be able to set this up. I need to know who can commit to doing this and how many bikes you will be bringing. Do you want to just have a display, or would you also be interested in being judged in a BMX class or classes like they do with the Lowriders, etc? I'm sure there will be some fees involved either way, but they should be very reasonable.


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Motor City Mongoose
BUMP....who's up for this?
Has anyone pursued this? Dave? Matt? Is this thing still a possibility?
Motor City Mongoose
Yes! I spoke with Don @ Petri's a couple weeks ago. They said they would be up for it, but were not sure exactly how they would go about it. He said that if he had people that wanted to enter BMX bikes, they would create a class if there was enough interest. I was going to go back & talk to Deb, who basically is the person that coordinates the whole thing, but her father (the Al Petri) had just past away, so I figured I'd give her a little time. I get over there next week and talk with.
Cool....from my point of view, you can tell them we just want to display the first year. Just show them that there is interest. If they like the turnout, they can add a class next year.

anything works for me....
I will try and make it depends on what i have going on lots of shows going on plus the planning for my next years show has already started. Mix all that in with current projects and you have a stressed man LOL I am sure i can brings 5 or 6 bikes
Im in
Bumpity, bump, bump.....any new news Dave?
Motor City Mongoose
OK, got info. Here's the application forms for both the Detroit and Grand Rapids Autorama (yes, there is an Autorama in Grand Rapids).

What it boils down to is that if you want to display more than one bike, it will still be $35 per bike (even though you may be able to fit several in the 6'x9'ish area). Don said a way around that may be to come up with a display, and submit a sketch of it to them for approval.

Here's the applications:

Motor City Mongoose
Yeah, I know there are typos in the dates, but ya gotta read past them.
What's your feeling, Dave? Are you going to do it?

$35 per bike will definitely limit the amount of bikes I bring.

Stantions and rope? We have to supply our own.

Is BMX and/or Freestyle going to be an official category? Will it be jugded? Or are we just displaying?

Once our bikes are set-up, they have to remain set-up for the entire three days?

What are everyones thoughts?
Motor City Mongoose
I know, I know, $35/bike is a lot. I told Don that that will put a huge limit on the number of bikes brought. He said that if they get enough Vintage BMX bikes they will create a category for them, and that is actually where the $35 goes-to pay for the trophys & stuff.

I tried to convince him that there were several people with several bikes that just wanted to display their collection, and weren't necessarily interested in a contest or trophy (me for one). That's when he said to submit a sketch of whatever display you could/would bring, and they would go from there. I believe stantions & rope would be supplied, but what they are looking for is something more Gucci than that. One of my buddies & I were brainstorming (no, we didn't hurt anything) and came up with display ideas like a bunch of bikes at a starting gate, or bikes on a berm, etc., but I'm not sure we can make that happen.

Once the bikes are in, they need to stay there the whole time, unless you can make prior arrangements with Don/Deb. I'm sure it has to do with security-if there are bikes constantly going in & out security won't know if they are being stolen or it's legit.

I'm not sure I can even make it-I need to be in Daytona for Bike Week from March 2nd through the 11th. I'm trying to get out of it, but it's not looking good.

Oh, one other thing-Don did say that if any soup was brought in it would have to either be consumed in a bowl, or the can would have to have a coozy over it. This is for the welfare of the children that may be around.
the entry form actually says $45.00 per bike unless you sign up for BOTH the Detroit and Grand Rapids show. Or did I read it wrong?
Motor City Mongoose
Yeah, it says that. I think the "early" fee is still $35 for Detroit, although time is starting to run out. They were just trying to drum up support for the GR event. They are fairly easy to deal with-if you call/email and talk to Deb, you can usually work stuff out.
Ok, who wants to do this? Please post here and lets see how much interest there is...
Motor City Mongoose
Motor City Mongoose
Gettin' closer.......
Motor City Mongoose
OK, I spoke with Don at Petri's yesterday and he said he didn't have any BMX entries so far. If the cost per bike is what's keeping everyone away, just call him or Deb and see what you can work out-they really are easy to deal with.

Tom, you goin'?
Motor City Mongoose
Morning coffee bump....
Well, Dave....this is how I see it:

I definitely WANT to go, but the cost is a bit crazy in my opinion. If Don/Deb lower it a bit, then that might be cool.

The next thing is leaving the bikes all weekend. I don't have anything priceless, but it still worries me to leave something that can be walked-out by anyone overnight.

The last thing is the "display" Don is expecting. My display was going to be a $10, under-the-bb bike stand. I don't have the time to build/create an elaborate display.

It's their show, so I cannot complain about the requirements, but I'm not sure I will be able to attend unless a mad rush of guys signs up to do it.

It's too bad he won't give us a 20x20 chunk of floorspace to put all of our bikes in...but perhaps he doesn't even HAVE that much floorspace available?

What's your opinion Dave? Do you intend on going?
Motor City Mongoose
Tom, I can't make it, I'm stuck in Daytona for work from 2/27 to 3/13. I tried to get out of it early, but can't.

The cost per bike isn't that bad for one bike, but if you have a bunch to bring (like I would have), then it gets costly. For that money, you get admission for two (I think-for sure one) for the whole weekend, and one or more plaques/trophies, etc., which are pretty good sized. I think that if whoever wants to bring several bikes calls and talks to Don, they could work something out, but I can't speak to Don about every individual need. They would rather cut a deal and have several bikes on display instead of having nothing at all.

I'm pretty sure Don has the space, and he would group all the BMX bikes together, i.e., each spot next to each other, not necessarily in one big corral. If all you have is a bike stand for a display, that will work too, they just show better with something around/undrneath them besides the cement Cobo Hall floor.

I know it's hard not to do, but I wouldn't worry about security. Despite being in Detroit, I don't think they have lost a bike yet. Besides, if any bike is going to get stolen, it would probably be one of the big pimpin' double bling throw down gold & chrome 700 spoke per wheel choppers, not one of our "kid" bikes.

I know I'm starting to sound like a used car salesman, so I think I need to say that I'm not affiliated with Don or Al Petri's or any part of the Autorama, I'm just trying to give a boost to the hobby.

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