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Brian P
ok, a call to the fall brawl to one and all, tall and small. here it is
there is roughly 1 month to go for the (as some call it) ultimate old school freestyle BBQ, im just calling it a good time hanging with and making new friends for the love of bikes.
my address is :
22 Cedar Terrace West
Glenwood NJ 07418
cell # 201-240-6057

what there will be:
burgers, dogs and some pasta dishes for the vegetarians.
cold beer, water and soda (hard stuff after hours)
an area to ride flatland, a small dirt tabletop and a wedge ramp
a bike show and swap meet area

this one is looking to be quite large as i already have confirmations of people coming from FL, CA, MA. and should be a real good time.

what i can use:
anyone who cares to bring something to the BBQ, all i ask is let me know what it is in advance.
metal frames tent/canopys are always good in case of foul weather
lawn chairs for hanging on
we should be getting a projector so we can watch films on my garage doors this year.
donations of bike show prizes and swag would be good too.

this is to be the "official" thread, so check back here for any info and updates.

1ST update!!!!!!!!
burger king tray skidding contest to take place on the hill in front of my house (helmet and pads recommended for this)

thread 1

thread 2

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Oh man, I can't wait for this. I'm still hoping to get there...and I just scored a new survivor ride to show off.

Smokin Endo
You know I'm there like Asshair !
Bedlam Bikes
I volunteered my help to Brian to run the bike contest at his Fall Brawl. Brian and I decided/agreed on the following criteria:

Vintage BMX/Freestyle bike contest:

We are going to have an "organized" contest for all the show bikes in attendance. PRE-registration is a must to get your bike into the proper category. That way we can make the ballots ahead of time which in the end would allow us to party more instead of messing with ballots all day long.

The categories are as follows:

Best HARO freestyle bike:
Best HUTCH freestyle bike:
Best freestyle bike other make:
Best race bike:
Best rider:
Best survivor:
Best in show:
There will be no pit or cruiser class. If you bring a cruiser, it can go into "Best race" class if you'd like to enter it.

Please PM me with your entries with a small description of the bike.

85 Hutch Trickstar - White.
Blue parts and Tuff wheels.

Each person coming to the fall brawl can enter as many bikes as you'd like to.

Thank you.
RL-20II Guy
Can we entry at the Show? Until the week, will I know for sure what I am bringing, due some being bult now.

Also, to donate prizes, do we send them to you or Brian?

Brian P
any donations can come to me to keep the amount of stuff jeff has to truck down to a minimum.

the cut off date for entries will be no later than oct 16 so we can get the ballots made up.

also, the best of show is not a pre-registered class, that is the one open class and anything goes, it can be a survivor, rat bike, or blinging racer.
khelagger aka rosy would be my ride if he goes. if he doesn't go i would try a bus or train or both. i'd just be limited to bringing only one bike. well, i could ship one.
Bronx Styler
I'm really looking forward to this event.

Brian, if you want me to bring some sodas again, just let me know. Or, if you need something else.

Jeff, any possibility of the survivor class being split in two? One bmx and one freestyle class?
Jeff S

Me and Brian from the studio will film the whole thing and will put together a cool dvd. Gotta capture this event, since we forgot to last year.

Jeff S,
be cool to sell the DVD to the guys who are not able to go (ME!!!!) I would buy the second best thing for me... it would feel like i was "almost" there!!!! SO WHADDA YA SAY???

Brian P
jeff s. got in touch with BMX plus and although they wont be able to send someone out for this (i didnt think they would) they actually said we could send them some pics and a write-up and they would see about possibly publishing it..... pretty cool
This one sounds like it's gonna be even better than last years was...


whats the date?im really trying to make it to this one.anyone else from pennsy going that migh want to car-pool?
Brian P

heres the date jeff, hope to see you there.
Is that the sticker this year???
Bedlam Bikes
Looks a lot like my Master!

However, the lofter of jive doesnt look much like me....
My survivor contest entry is ready...working on a new rider and another project to unveil at the Brawl...if I can get it built.

Smokin Endo
I had my bike all built but now parts are back out at the chromer ! I hope I get my stuff in time for the calendar photos !
Brian P
alright guys......... less then 3 weeks until its officially ON!

2 weeks left to submit your show entries to "bedlam bikes"
Brian P
and yes........

survivor will be 2 classes, race and freestyle.

only 4 max replacement things allowed. and those are to be wearable items only.....
brake pads, cables, grips, tyres....and other small faire.

frame, fork, bars, seatpost, stem, cranks, wheels MUST all be original to bike as was found..... this is on the honesty system
ok so what if the original wheels, or just the front wheel got re-laced since i was going to hang both the super pros i have found on the strikezone on the wall.

other than that issue there is the new straight post, since the post that was on it is on the pro freestyle tour now.

but i have the original to the trash find:
-lever(one was broke and now it has two rights)
-brakes, pads, gyro, and gyro cables(gyro is off since rotor is better)
-whatever the forks are chrome.
-uncomfy aero black seat (off now but will be put on for the show)
-acs 55 stem (was white now silver)
-actual original to the bike (when bought)frame, bars (stripped to chrome well before i found them, cranks, sprocket stuff, bottom bracket, pedals, and seatclamp (that i refinished though).

i might just pull it off of the survivor show list.
still, i need to get up there somehow too.
my beloved survivor sat in my parents basement wheel-less for 19 years, so its not really a survivor? please dont tell her that to her face.
Bedlam Bikes
Brian - a replacement seatpost should be ok... Those things bend pretty easily. Even more so, a lot of people changed them right away to accomodate their size and fit to the bike.

Replaceable items in my opinion are as follows:

Brake cables/shoes
seat and seat post

I consider seats a wear and tear item as well. I used to go through seats on just about a monthly basis.
Bedlam Bikes

My wife agreed to bake something for the party.
I will also bring some chips-n-salsa.

Finally, I will bring all plates and eating utensils.
[ October 03, 2006, 12:14 PM: Message edited by: Kerry ]
Brian P
some people have asked about lodging......
here are a few nearby places, none farther than 5 miles from my house

days inn - 973-827-4666
appalachian motel - 973-764-6070 (closest and probly chaepest)
appalachian hotel @ mountaincreek - 888-767-0762 (ski mountain hotel on mtn)
hey brian - i forget whose suitcase i was riding out there in but make sure someone remembers to open it up right away ok?
So are seatposts and clamps replaceable or not?
Brian P
i believe the answer to that will be yes jamison....

mom, cant you just get into someones carry on luggage? ;]
you wanna stuff me under the seat?!?!?!
2 weeks!


who's stoked?
The Fall Brawl Vibe is on my side.....I pulled an 83 Goose out of the trash pile this morning!!! Chris
Sweet...maybe I'll find something new before then...
pink and chrome......
Loopy, Your Hutch isn't chrome...
Brian P

if anybody has been watching the weather forcast, its been saying showers for friday and sat.....

the 10 day was just changed and it looks like its gonna be a nice day this time
Brian P
oh yeah.....

if youve got a bike to enter in the show, please PM bedlam bikes by today with your entry......

were actually trying to have an organized show this year.
Word has it that it's gonna be sunny and a high of about 57... but it'll feel like 50..

sounds like fun! =]]
Bedlam Bikes
Contest update:

I received a decent amount of pre-registrations, but I'm sure plenty more are going to want to enter a bike that never pre-registered.

Thats ok - but there is going to be a limit. Each class is limited to 20 bikes. I hope this enough slots for each class. It is a first come, first serve system to get in a class.
The deadline for entry is 2:00 PM. If a class reaches 20 bikes before 2:00 PM, entry into that class will then be closed. Your bike could still be considered for 'best in show' though.

One bike can only compete in one class.
The classes are as follows:

BMX Race
BMX Survivor
Freestyle Haro
Freestyle Hutch
Freestyle GT
Freestyle Exotic
Freestyle Survivor

Thanks - and I'll see everyone Saturday.
Great art! Say hello to all from Illinois!
Truck is packed to the gills...I had to leave some stuff behind...and Loopy813 and I are ready to go. If I wasn't married with a 2-year-old I'd already be on the way-LOL.

So.. what time does teh shindig start?!
Brian P
less than 12 hours to go...... i have to go down to the riding area early t-morrow and blow all the leaves and dirt away.... hope i dont wake the neighbors....LOL
Hi Brian & everyone, I've been away from here for a loong time but I'm back, just in time for this awesome get together. whoopee!!
My wife & I will be there noonish if all goes to plan. Is there anything you still need? I just spent the last 5 hours swearing my *** off trying to rebuild my trickstar rider, everything that could go wrong... you know. We just bought a house a month or so ago & my stuff is all over the place. I hope we get a jam circle going.
I hope there are plenty of ladies there for my wife to make fun of us all with.
Well,I got a litte excited tonight and broke down four bikes into two boxes I`m heading off to ZZZZZZZZZZ land for a little while,until my ride shows up at 5am .I think were going to need some Dunkin Donuts for a caffiene rush.See ya peeps tommorrow
Brian P
i dont know if anybody got chips? we may not even need the snack stuff, but hey! its a party and

a few hours
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