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Brian P
ok guys.... it planning time for the fall brawl : my 2nd annual backyard bbq in northern NJ.

im planning on the weekend of oct 21/22, its also ok with joann (she who is to be listened too) if we have it over 2 days.

maybe todd can pull a vander roll?
maybe we can have a show not in the rain or dark?
maybe we can have another kick *** time in NJ?

be prepared..... more info to come soon.

who's in so far?
Brian P
links to last years pics

people pics

bike pics
Come heck or highwater, I will be making this one.
yeeee haaaaa i can,t wait to go.......hmmmmmmm i have to pick a bike???
joe cool on a Phaze One
Who's Phaze One is that? It has the Landing Gear forks and the black Z-Rims. That isn't OldschoolPK's(not sure of the correct spelling)(jon) is it?
Brian, I'm in there 100%!!! Count on me for any help you may need in the planning process.

Hey Jimbo, that pl20 I got from you will be there looking strong!
Brian P
that phaze 1 belongs to beaver dam, aka brian biel.

85ts, i will let you know...

I'll be there. Steve's was too much fun, even in the rain.......hope for good weather this time!!!

be there the 22nd...gotta DJ on the 21st...unless i can get a DJ fill in......hmmm... possible!!!!

Joe cool
i remember talking to ya...where do u live again???
This meet is one NOT TO u get to see my Phaze 1...( plug) and Brian Beil, if your reading this...BRING YOUR PHAZE 1...i wanna get pictures man of your Phaze,my Phaze and Brian P's Pit!!!! i beg ya everytime....but i cannot complain...u bring a different killer survivour everytime i see ya....
get those calenders marked guys....


[ July 26, 2006, 10:55 AM: Message edited by: OLDSKOOLPK ]
i'd like to go. just don't know how i'm getting there.
Todd Costantino
I'm camping out in the bike shop!

Bedlam Bikes
Wouldn't miss it for the world.....

As always - I have to bring something "new" to each BBQ.
il have something done by then. it's going to be another pink bike.
yo os/pk i,ll bring my phaze one, should i bring my other cw race bike? space is limited in the van....i have to decide what bikes to i might bring a couple of friends
Bronx Styler
I'll definitely be there, along with about 5 bikes.

Brian, please tell me that there will be a swap meet this time.
Brian P
some more info and some thoughts.......

show.... there will be one, it will be pre-registered judging will be at a set time (bikes will need to be earlier)... this will make it easier for me.

swap.... there will be a swap meet set up also...

riding.... we will be able to ride in my 'hood again, i should have a wedge ramp and maybe a 1/4 pipe. we can also ride to a parking lot at a nearby school if there are ALOT of peeps. personally i think riding in the hood is more fun.

food and drink.... same as usual, i probably wont have the time to do the ribs this time as a few weeks before the BBQ we are expecting our daughter, but hot dogs, burgers beer and soda and whatever else....

next day.... for anyone that wants to stay in town or crash out at mine or jeff s' house, just a day to hang, ride or chill before going home.

[ August 02, 2006, 03:07 PM: Message edited by: Brian P ]
Sounds good Brian!!!!
Still working the POPS to let me off that day and to get a "replacement" DJ to do the wedding I have schelduled that day.... GRRRRRRR!!!! I gotta make this one...sounds like a wicked party in the mix...just NO RIBS ?!?!?!?!?! Its all good Brian... having another child is a well enuf excuse.....wait... Joanne is having the baby...NOT YOU!!!! LOL...j/k....
Brian Biel,
Just bring the Phaze....I MUST TAKE PICTURES of our Phazes and Brians pit...and anyone else who brings a CW (race or freestyle)... Man i am Excited!!!!

See you guys soon, but not soon enuf...(I HOPE )

Wee Man
Bedlam Bikes
Does that mean I should bring my CW again??
RL-20II Guy
Nicole and I are thinking of coming.....driving so that we can bring bikes.

It is a 1137 mile trip. So, we want T-bone steaks (me) some crab legs (nicole), and lots of sweet tea (both).

Can you accommodate?

That would be great if you decided to show up Stephen. I think you would definately get the long haul trophy...not by plane but driving...just awesome.
RL-20II Guy
I just bought my Expedition, so I can get a lot of bikes in it.....

This truck is gonig to be my Team Knight Rider "Dante" truck.

Anyone remember that spin off of Knight Rider.....short lived in 1997...

RL-20II Guy
Brian P
stephen, that would be cool.....

ive got plenty of tea here, theres a nice fish market a few miles away and an A&P nearby for all your special needs. LOL.......
RL-20II Guy
Can you get me some phone numbers for the hotel/motels in the area?

Also, are there any car show happening around that time up there? Nicole mentioned a "Mustang - Firebird" shot out type show in that area. She is from Mass., and she used to go to that...


Well, i cannot monkey nutz...better luck next time...or maybe i should hold one at my that way i can scheldule when im free.... but then again, with my luck...Brian and Steve will be the only ones free that day....aww man....take plenty of pics....bikes and people... wish i could meet sum of the "new" guys that are going to make this haul...

Brian P
jon....... remember 2 things and then boycott the day....


you'll be missed wee man
Bedlam Bikes
Jon - fake the flu for your job and drive up.

See you there!
Lookin' forward to it! Hopefully, I'll have 2 new builds for this one
Todd Costantino
I say we go kidnap Jon. Just stuff him in a bookbag and carry him away.

Working on a mid school build for The Brawl.

What type of 1/4 pipe are we talking? How high? How wide?
Brian P
marvell, the 1/4 isnt going to happen unless someone wants to build one and bring it up (getting low on time).
in still planning on building a wedge ramp, and the neighbor hood kids are working on a 3-4 jump jumpline trail in one of the empty lots around here. there is also the little table jump that we should be digging out to make more jumpable this year.

so much to do in so little time
Please Kidnap me.....AND I WILL SUPPLY THE BOOKBAG!!!!!

Todd Costantino
This is gonna be WILD!

Bedlam Bikes
Bump for the biggest, baddest, and most bio party of the year.
I posted this on the other thread...

I'm still hoping to finally make one of the gatherings. I'm tentatively OK for this one...let's hope.

Brian P
jamison, you better be here!
Bedlam Bikes
What he said!!
i hope i can make it, although nothing special will be brought, low funds = slow projects. although, maybe we can have an award for best beater/rider in the show? :-D ill bring something, just nothing with fresh powder. it sounds like it will be a great time and i REALLY wanna make it, we will see!

Brian P
last year there was a rider category.....
just gonna need someone or 2 to volunteer to organize the show if its gonna happen.
Bedlam Bikes
Brian - I'll help with the show.
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