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i met up with Ian (BUB) at his place in the south loop, then we went to Shedd Aquarium where theres this really long curved retaining wall, so i watched BUB do some wallrides while waiting for Mitch (Mushkow).

mitch showed up on his SUPER sweet Floval Flyer that was definitely THE attention getter of the day.

we rode up into downtown chicago weaving thru mass amounts of people..up the lakefront and on to Navy Pier where BUB got a 3 dollar hotdog.

we hung out there for a bit then decided to go to Oak Street Beach (i tried some flatland....but its really not a great flatland spot) so we decided to go to North Ave. beach.

all i have to say about North Ave. beach...EYE CANDY....there was a few thousand people there EASY...TONS of women in bikinis...bodybuilders..we hung there for a WHILE...BUB got a 3 dollar mountain dew.

after there, we got into downtown away from the majority of the people....we stopped so mitch and i could get some pizza....while we were eating, a guy comes up and does an impromptu beatbox set for us, and asks BUB if hes an "extreme biker" LOLOLOL

more riding back into the Loop and mitch notices his crank arm is loose so we stop at a shop for a quick fix-up (more ogling of the Floval), and i spot a twin top tube frame in the back of the service area...its a Kuwahara (brace from the seattube to the downtube...990 mounts under the chainstays)

after that, mitch said his goodbyes, and BUB and i went back to his place and thats about it...

SUPER good time...were thinking of doing it again at the end of the summer...late august-ish.

make it if you can.

2 quotes of the day
"thumb your nose at the establishment"
"are you an extreme biker????"

good times.
This was a lot of fun. The city is a fun place to pedal around.

Pat (oldschoolrider88)'s Morales is sick - perfect mix of old and new school. Mitch (mushkow) pulled up on this insane old school SE cruiser, all blinged out with gold parts. People were stopping and asking him about it, and I was surprised by how savvy average joes were about BMX stuff.

We stopped to get some much-needed hydration, where we encountered the "thumb your nose at the establishment" guy. He's in the first clip in this video, by this generation's Spike Jonze, Elliot Van Ormon -
He's more literate than most of the people that I interact with on a daily basis. Seriously.

Don't let Pat fool you. He fired off some nice whiplashes on the rough concrete. I got some shots with my disposable camera, and I'm pretty sure there's a dope girlie in a bikini in the background. They were out in force.

It was a super fun time, and you Chicagoland guys should come out later this year. There's no better way to see this city than on board a 20" bike.

I am an extremely extreme biker and I have a $3 Mountain Dew to prove it.
i wanted to go but there were just too many other people at work on vacation at the same time. I'm definantly in for the next one! Lets set an exact date so i can right it down at work!
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