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This year's upcoming show will be held on Sunday, April 30th 2006.

Who's going?
Make sure you pick up a Bighouse shirt while visiting Ann Arbor, Randy!
Motor City Mongoose
I'm in. My buddy & I are going and my son will have his trike/chopper in the show as well.

Are you just coming down for the day?
As of today (April 22) I have every intention of going.

Are you driving down Randy?

What time will you be there MCM?
Motor City Mongoose
Because we have bikes in the show, we'll be there like a half hour before the show actually starts, and stay all or most of the day.

How 'bout you?
I gotta make a whirlwind trip out of this to make it happen. I'll be leaving Traverse City around 10pm Saturday night, arriving around 2-3am. Probably sleep in the car near the event for a few hours, take in the show, leave for home by noon Sunday.
Thats a grand idea Jeff, a bighouse shirt would nicely line my cat litter box....
Motor City Mongoose
Randy, your'e welcome to crash at our place if you like-we're about 30 minutes away (at least at that time of the morning).
You sure? I'm arriving late.

I'l contact you soon.

Well, Ann Arbor is about a 90 minute drive for me, I would probably be there EARLY because my nephews Communion in that afternoon/evening.

I would expect to be there between 8am -8:30am.

I hope to bump into you guys.
J A Miller

That is the name of my bathroom. Nothin' like takin' a Big Ol' DUMP in the Bighouse.
Motor City Mongoose
Randy, any time is fine-I even OK'd it with the wife.

mike vango
alrighty, i bring some bmx stuff to sell with my usual stingray goodies. see y'all there!
Nice to see you again Randy, would have enjoyed chatting more, but I understand that you were "on the hunt".

Dave - nice to meet you and your son as well. This man is a real fast-talker...he asked one guy "how much for the bike stands"? The guy replied "$5 a piece". Before I could even open my mouth, Dave was riding away with 'em. (LOL j/k)

George Ferguson - nice to meet you as well. Very pleasant guy to shoot the sh!t with. I could have talked for hours. Like I told you...I'll be in contact to bug you about 'what we were talking about'...maybe I can persuade you to sell!

I had a really nice time at this bike show. I was very surprised at how large the show was. Lots of Schwinn, lots of TRUE vintage bikes, little BMX, but it was a very fun and interesting experience. Cool to meet some V-Boys as well.
Little BMX?

1 1974 Yamaha Moto Bike $180
1 nos Haro flo-panel, black $1
1 nos Addicks spider, blue $10
1 Carlise Aggressor, barely used, not cracked $20
1 nos 1976 Schwinn Ashtabula single stem, $5
1 nos 1976 Schwinn Scrambler front wheel, $5

$231 lighter but I found it

Sorry I was short with everyone, had to return home quickly today. Next time = beers afterwords!

Patrick, thank you. George, Tom, Dave, Scott, Dugan, nice to see you again.
Motor City Mongoose
It was good to meet/see you guys again too.

I think what Tom meant to say was there was little BMX left after Randy went through! I'm pretty sure that guy with the raw $2,000.00 (or was it $2,000,000.00?) Quadangle frame ended up taking it home.

There were some deals to be found, but you had to dig deep to find them. I think I ended up spending about $25 total including a good used red MX 1000 caliper for $1 at the end of the day (and the wheel stands of course!). I'm sure there was other stuff out there, but I was enjoying riding around with my son more than anything. We must have been asked a couple dozen times "wanna sell that thing?", but nobody followed up with any cash (not that any of us wanted to sell them anyway).
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