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I bought a house last year and it has a pretty nice back yard.
I guess it's my turn. I'd like to invite you all to a gathering at my house in Staten Island, New York.
So come on bring youselves, your bikes, your friends and families.
Come check out my little collection of BMX and Freestyle bikes.
Come see the centerpiece of my living room.
It's a painting from BITD of Palfryman rippin it up on his looptail Redline. Painted especially for me by VBMXer melvinsarmy AKA Scott Sjobakken.
June 10, 2006 is the date. Be there or be square.
My house is only a few minutes from the Outerbridge Crossing, The Bayonne Bridge, The Goethals Bridge, and the Verazzano Bridge.
I was the guy at Steve Jain's party with the white Kappa Starsky and the chrome Redline RL20-II.
I also had my daughter, Kimberly, with me.

[ April 07, 2006, 02:05 AM: Message edited by: Glen ]
I'll be there! I think in June I don't have to work on Saturdays. Glen, do you think it's possible to ride to your place, or would that be tough? I can always drive, and bring more bikes, but I'd love to be able to ride to the event. The only times I've been on Staten Island were when I took the Ferry for a ride for fun, and turned right back around.
Brian P
glenn, i should definately be there.....BTW, whats up with the park near you?
Where in SI?
There is a skatepark that allows bikes but you have to have a membership to ride.
It's about 20 minutes away.
I'll talk to the guy that works there to see if he'll make an exception for my guests.

My house is on the north shore of Staten Island, about 10 minutes from the Bayonne bridge and Goethals bridge. I'm just a few blocks from the Bradley Ave exit of the SI Expressway.
If you want to google my address for driections it's :
95 Gansevoort Boulevard
Staten Island, N.Y. 10314
If anyone wants to take public transportation
from the Staten Island Ferry take the S61 or S62 buses on Ramp A to Westcott Boulevard (ask the driver he'll tell you where to get off).

[ April 05, 2006, 11:31 AM: Message edited by: Glen ]
My brother wants to go up to ride with our friend. He`s a Panda collector. Saturday sounds great. My girls want to go to the city. I might show up!! If I do I`ll be there for a week. I`ll bring the Race INC, talk about survisor!!
Lou, Staten Island is just south of Manhattan. You can take the Staten Island Ferry there, it's free and one of the more fun things to do in NYC imo. I'm coming from Jersey City, which is directly west of Manhattan. I'd like to come over to Manhattan either by the PATH train or by a Ferry, then ride down by Battery Park and get on the Staten Island ferry, and go from there. I could drive my car, but I think it would be fun to ride my bike there. Maybe I can convince Guav to ride along too, he's only a few blocks away from me.

I found this bike riding map of Staten Island, I have to try to find out where Glenn is, and if it's going to be possible to ride to his place from the Ferry. Check it out. Glenn, can you circle where your place is on this map?

Watch, it will all work out and I can ride my bike to Glenn's place and it will end up raining that day and I'll have to drive anyway, lol.
I was born on SI moved to Florida in 82. MAybe we can revamp "The Bowl" and do some riding. It`s near the SI Expressway.
Oops sorry Lou, I misread. I thought you asked "where IS Staten Island?" instead of "where IN Staten Island. lol.
Hey that's great to hear Lou.
I'll let Vito from Yukon know that you might be coming.
Scott here's what you could do.
Drive your car to the Bayonne bridge.
Park there and ride across.
My house is about 3 or 4 miles from there.
Ah heck, I might as well just drive the whole way. Then I can bring more bikes, and probably more of Guav's bikes too.

We'll finally answer the age old question. "How many vintage BMX and freestyle bikes can one fit in the back of a Volvo 240 station wagon?"

[ March 26, 2006, 05:27 PM: Message edited by: melvinsarmy ]
I think I`ll be there. The girls have choice this year for vacation and they want to come up. We`re thinking driving up on Friday. DRIVING, that means bikes are coming! I`ll be there for a week. I`m going to try to stay for the end of the Power Tour on the following Saturday at Englishtown.
I really hope you can make it and bring your bike(s).
Now I just have to get Vito to dig that Race Inc.out of the cellar.
Let me know if you need any help planning your trip.
I woke this morning siked just thinking about coming up with my bikes to ride. We`re staying at my uncles. I`ll say something to my brother tonight about this. I know he`ll be siked too. We need to get that Race INC out. lol. Vito wants to give it to his son. I think it will come home with me to restore for him. If I can remember that bike has Flights, DX pedals, Landing Gear. It was blue frame with gold parts.
I talked to Vito about the bike. It doesn't sound like there's much to restore.
I'll keep you posted.
Being a Shaolin boy myself, I will try to make it out, but living in VA now and a kid on the way in 2 days may make it tough.

Lou- your bro collects pandas? I gotta know who he is, seems there are like 6 of us in the world...

Thankfully the rest of ya don't love 'em like we do, or else they would cost more then Hutches and looptail SE's.

Glen, we oughta shoot the sheeit about the old days on SI again some day soon.

It's getting close to the day.
Please let me know who's coming.
Also please bring videos we could watch.
I have Joe Kid, Rad, the Jag/Jox collection.
Yep, getting real close. I told my boss I need the 10th off, so I'm coming.

I don't have any BMX vids other than Joe Kid. But, I have some bikes.

What else can I bring?
Damn it! It’s my girlfriend’s birthday and she is having a big party at our house out in Brooklyn.
Brian P
glen, looks like i'll be able to hit this up.....

any word on the sk8 park?
I will check with the skate park this week.
It shouldn't be a problem.
I`m not coming I`m taking this week off from work because of my back. I pulled a muscle. OUCH!
My friend doesn`t realy collect Pandas. He`s building his childhood bike. I don`t think he`s a member but I know he watches whats going on the board.
OK guys thanks for the update
Glen, I have some new school flatland DVDs I can bring ... and Rad ... and BMX Bandits hahah.

Scott, it might be shady riding through SI, they have ill projects, so if we'd have to go by any on the way to Glen's, I'd rather not hehe
There are no bad housing projects on the way to my house.
Glad you're coming Guav.
There are no bad housing projects on the way to my house.
Glad you're coming Guav.
See you all on Saturday!!
Brian P
so what time are the festivities getting started?

i might be able to pop by for a few (1 1/2 hr drive) in the early PM
Guav, we'll take the Volvo. I have 2 bikes to bring, how many will you bring? We might have to take some bars and pedals off to squeeze them in.
I don't have any old school bikes at my house, just my GT Shows. I might bring one if we're going to ride at all, but if my recurring back pain isn't gone by this weekend I won't even bring that.
Guav, if all you bring is your camera that will be good enough because your photos are AWESOME!!!!!

The bikes don't have to be old school to display. All members are welcome.

i JUST SCORED a new bike for my daughter to display on Saturday. It's a pit bike.

Festivities begin at 2 P.M. I hope to see you here.
jerry a hutcher
wow id like to do a NYC ride its been years...have fun all!!
I'll be there with either on a hutch or a kappa

Glen LMK if you need any grub/drinks etc.
Brian P
if i go out there it will be armed with wife and kid, anyone elso going to have significant others there?
Maybe I'll bring Bea if there will be non-"BMX nerd" things there (other females, cute babies, beer, etc) haha
Brian P
guav, let me know...... joann would love to meet bea.
she actually seems interested in going too
Bea didn't seem interested in going. But she's generally interested in hanging out with me as opposed to staying home (for some reason) so I'll find out
Let's hope the weather is like it is today. Perfect.

Guav, you decide if you'll bring a bike yet? If so, that will be 3 bikes in the back of the Volvo which means the back seat will have to be down, and the front seat is 2 buckets. I'm not sure if we can get 2 bikes in the back with the seat up either.
My back is fine, so I'd bring my stupid GT Show. But if it's a problem I don't have to. If Bea wants to come, maybe I could squeeze in the back with the bikes? It's not a long ride.
Brian P
guav.... gimme a call tonight
Sure, we can squeeze you in there somewhere.
Hey guys I just got home from work an hour ago.
You are certainly more than welcome to bring your children, spouses, girlfriends.
My Girlfriend Christine will be here as well as my 4 y/o daughter Kimberly.
Some of my non BMX friends are also coming and bringing there children as well.
Here is what I have food wise: burgers, hot dogs, sausage, soda.
Here's what you can bring: chips, beer, potato salad etc.
I have everything else I can think of so far and there's a deli down the street for anything I forgot.
I can't belive the party is tomorrow all ready.
Cool, Im coming solo my wife and kids have other plans. But I'll be there with my Kappa and some stuff for the bbq:)
It looks like Mother Nature has blessed us with a perfect day.

[ June 11, 2006, 12:53 AM: Message edited by: Glen ]
Thank you all for coming over.
I hope you all had a great time. I know I did.
It's great to get together hang out, ride, show our bikes and bond.
Vbmxers who attended:
Scott (melvinsarmy)
Mark (Dr.Frankenripper) and His wife Jennifer
Rob (85 Trickstar)
Mike (akcuda)
Guav and his wife Beya (sp?)
A couple of my non bike friends, Brian, Kevin and Stephanie.
My parents, my daughter,Kimberly and my wonderful girlfriend, Christine.
OK Guav, lets see some pictures!!!!!!!
I'll be posting them later this afternoon or this evening
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