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come out sunday march 12th. and bring your bikes. the entry fee for bmx bikes is $5.00 for 1-5 bikes $10.00 for 6-14 bikes $15.00 for 15-up bikes. it will be next to sams burgar joint in san antonio tx. contact me for more info by pm or message board. thank you and hope to see you their.

by the way supraman i have a truck lined up for our bikes. will come by your house sat. morn. to pic you up.
o ya forgot to mention their will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophys given in each class as well as a tall best in show trophy. hope to see all texas members their.
the show is this coming sunday are their any others going?
I really think that all of y'all from Texas should be there
And bring lots of bikes
Come on out and have some fun.........
too bad we are racing either in austin or pearland on sunday... give us a great reason to skip racing, is this going to be bigtime or what? it doesn't take me much to skip racing sometimes!! maybe i could go down there to pump up austin event april 8th...
Any pics or comments on how the show went? I was unable to attend.
Jeff (crisco) your a slacker!!!!! LOL!!! yeah what jeff said...any pictures, or comments on the turn out? Bikes and car wise?? im into both very much, actually more old GM muscle cars. let us know guys!!!

Jon, my luck w/ scheduling sucks. Am I the only one that has had a billion birthday parties and weddings to go to the first 4 months of this year?

On top of that, business travel this year is insane.

Enough of my b*tching.
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