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Moosegoose Nick
Ok guys, I know that this is early but I figured I'd ask early in order to make plans/arrangements.

If we had a Summer Meet,would you be willing to come?
Not too sure of the details as of yet, but I was planning on holding a BBQ/Show/Swap/possibly a Ride too, some time after Rockford.
I am open to all replies. Let's make this a group effort. Something we all can have a say-so in.

Post on people. Thanks, Nick
Between Hobart, Rockford and Pep's I'd say the midwest is stacked already. Whith Chris Baron's Indy gig last year [which probably won't happen again?] I couldn't keep up.
Capt. Nemo
Hey Nick, I'm thinking of another meet at Waukegan this year, maybe we can co-ordinate something. I'd love for a ride or race to be involved. I know that looking at all those cool bikes is fun, but riding them is SO much more fun! Keep me posted. Also, Racine is building a bike trail that runs along the lake and will end up practically running the whole lenght of the city. It's suposed to all done by August, so that would be a thought. Part of it right now goes right by the local skatepark. Right across from that is lots of parking right by the lake. Might be a cool place for an informal get together. Let me Know.
Capt. Nemo
Also, it could be something the whole family could be invovled with. I know that you have kids, too. A ride along the lake with the family on vintage BMX bikes. Wouldn't that be cool? We would definetely turn some heads at the skatepark.
June - Rockford
Oct - my place
Feb - Hobart

This really covers the year. Every 4 months really ain't bad.

I mean, The waukegan gig was not bad last year, but it was the grand opening.

I'd go, but I'm with Randy too. I only hope that Rockford & October work with this schedule this year
Capt. Nemo
Waukegan is probably having a state qualifier race this year. Depending when that happens, it could be a good day. I've met quite a few oldschoolers at the track last year that used to race and now their kids are racing. I don't think ANY of them know about the above events. I haven't been to any of them either. With three kids and racing every sunday it's hard for me to justify a 2-3 hour drive just to look at old bikes and hang. It might be the same for others. Not all of us are as hardcore as some of us. If a race or family ride was involved, it might make it a little more enjoyable for those of us with families. To be honest, I went to the Elgin get togther last year, and I was a little bored with all the tech talk, "see how rare my bike is" and "look how much I spent on my bike." I personally was hoping for a more "remember the good 'ol days" type of thing and less of a "car / hot rod show" type feel. Or maybe I was just in a bad mood that day. It happens.

Either way Nick, just because you or I decide to do something, it doesn't mean EVERYONE has to come. Or that EVERYONE is obligated to come.

Hey Pep, I know I met you last year at Elgin, but I don't remember you at Waukegan. But I could have missed you, since my daughter and I were racing that day.

Just remember that there are ALOT of people out there that used to ride BMX that don't know about our little community that would love to reminisce about BMX and the joy they got out of riding their bikes. I think it's fun to spread the joy we all share for this hobby and BMX in general. Especially those of us that still ride and participate. You're never too old to ride a bike. Just my 2 1/2 cents.
I am see bought sides of the sea i am for something to happen between rockford and peps and steel wheels. Only because summer time brings people outdoors would be kinda nice to have a midway end of summer kind of deal. to gather the people for a end of summer pick me up till peps fo course. I might be out of line but i have talked to a couple others that think this might be a good idea even if there is not a huge turn out it gives us a chance to get together. I dont know about most people but after rockford I am itchin for peps to happen this year would be good to have it * My vote * YES good idea
Since when is there EVER TOO MUCH BMX ! ! !

We raced so much last year my daughter was the first in the east to reach 20,000 points in along time. She earned number 6 in the ABA system for points for every age group.She is now in the 20,000 point club listed with the ABA forever.

My kids love to race and this is our life ask any one who knows us. I love watching my kids ride and succeed but when i have a chance to do something i like in this sport i dont miss it unless theres theres a national.

Every one needs to get a chance to run a show new ideas and change is good give these guys a chance. More power to ya I say.

My vote: YES wouldnt miss it.
If you guys need national info i can post whats happening when, Has any one thought about running the show at a national like rockford show?
Pep...dude...october is too dang COLD!!
i froze my butt off last year!!!

how about late august / early september?
Moosegoose Nick
That's what I was talking about. A get together in late August or early September,while it's still warm out.

Nemo,Elf dude,BMXDAD, I should be calling you sometime this week.
giggity giggity allllright
Nick (and James the ELF dude)...I'd like to say "yes" and at this point I will, but it really depends on which weekend in August/September. That is a BUSY time for my family. Lots of birthdays (my daughter/dad/mom/brother/me), The Woodward Dream Cruise, Labor Day weekend we are gone every year.

So put me down for a tentative 'yes' at this point. I really WANT to go...but will that day/weekend be open is the only question.

thats it time to change my name LOL
HA HA HA!!!! Good one J....I was following Nicks lead above my post.
come on guys lets get this thing going. Keep the thread alive and ask as many questions as ya can. It can either be a backyard BBq and show and swap or it can be something bigger. Everyone from anywhere is and will be invited lets figure out where we want it first and then go form there
I'm with ya Pat....was a bit chilly last year. We'll probably move it into Sept. That way we can still enjoy some heat.
Capt. Nemo
That's cool Pep, but it doesn't solve the issue of those of us that like to ride our bikes, and not take time away from our families. I'm thinking of something in a park somewhere where the kids can go play, or ride their bikes, and make it something for everyone. Not just an excuse to get plastered and act immature. I guess I'm in the minority when it comes to staying sober, liking to spend time with my wife and kids, and actually ride the bikes I build. It may sound harsh, but it is where I'm coming from.

When I inquired about your get togther last year, it was implied it wasn't a place for the family to gather. That's what kept me away. To me BMX is about doing it with my family, not about spending time standing around looking at bikes and not riding them. If that makes me an a**hole, so be it.
The area i am looking into hosting a get together is in a public park with stuff for the kids to do also it has a river walk trail you can ride the bikes on into the down town area of the city. There is also the I&M canal that you could ride the bikes on also. was planning on doing a show and ride'm if ya gottem. Bring down a couple Grills and soda etc i am trying to get the details 100% in order as much imput as i can get together i would liek to have if i dont get any input i am going to do this myself even if i am sitting in a park by myself. Just figured it would be a good in between from rockford and peps to end the summer before the kids go back to school. The date i was aiming towards is AUGUST 12th
I can get a Block of rooms set reserved for a great price at the Hampton INN locally. there is a bar right down the road for those guys who want to get together later in the evening it is a sports bar so not some hole in the wall. keep the ideas coming guys i am not trying to ruin one thing to make something else just tryin to get more happening in the center of the state.
Capt. Nemo
That sounds really cool. Where exactly are you thinking of doing this? What city? Keep us posted.
Im with Pat A family day sounds cool,
Pat-Pep-James-Nick You guys need to work this out so this is a good time for all. How about some horse shoes? any body throw shoes? Lets get some teams together..... ED
Capt. Nemo
What am I Ed, chopped liver?
i know for sure they have a frisby golf course there. i dont knwo if they have any shoe pits yet
the park is a newer park locally. The location is Ottawa IL 61350. Keep the input coming send me a PM if you have questions.
Capt. Nemo, I am not sure who you are sorry, I thought you were PAT. I have a hard time putting faces to names on here...
Elf dude add The Captin to your list and you all know i will help in any way feel free to bring me to the calling.......

Sorry again ED
Capt. Nemo
Don't sweat it, Ed. I haven't been that visable in the collecting community. I've only been to a couple of gatherings, and have only met a handfull of collectors and old schoolers. I tend to keep to myself, but enjoy meeting others with similar interests. I love BMX, and riding my bikes, and sharing stories from the "good 'ol days." I also love spending time with my wife and kids. When I can do both, that is a perfect day.

Many of the "gatherings" don't offer me that. So instead of leaving my family at home, driving 2-3 hours, looking at bikes and listening to people drone on about how much money they have spent on a bike they will never ride, or are in no shape to, I'd rather be at my local track tearing it up in the cruiser class and cheering my kids on from the sidelines.

Everyone is entitled to do what they want in this hobby, but I know where my head is at, and what I enjoy. If I feel I will enjoy myself, I will do everything in my power to participate.

I really wanted to go to the Steel Wheels gathering, because it promised to be everything I enjoy about BMX. But, I just couldn't get away from the house that weekend. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Elf Dude, I really hope you make this event happen, even if I'm unable to attend. Good luck.
I have been hoping to hear from MOOSE NICK but he is probably workin his butt off so i am going to fly semi solo on this mission from here on out Please PM me for sudjestions I would love to have a couple local v-bmxers and anyone else. I am wiriting a letter to the city tomorrow to ask for the park after that is settled the info will come. FOR now it is definatly AUGUST 12TH as a date SHOW SWAP,RIDE'EM IF YA GOTTEM AND BBQ
Moosegoose Nick
ELF, let's start planning this. I want this to work for all of us.
Shoot me an email and let's talk....Nick
Moosegoose your welcome to come south to Nashville TN. It's about 450mi from Hammond. Dixieland has a great track and we had a great time last year. Ours is set for early October. We're trying to set it up to coincide with our NBL state championship race.

It's usually still in the, upper 60's, low 70's, around here in October, so oldschoolrider88 won't need a jacket.
Keep_It_Warm long as it's a park or public area where I can get plastered and act immature...I'm there!


Frisbee, baseball, bikes, BBQ....
Nick, That sounds like a hQQt !! I'm up for it.My kids don't race anymore and BMX will always be in my blood !! "We can do it" the more gatherings the better I always say.
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