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My brother Scott and I are throwing around the idea of hosting a VINTAGE MEET at the "Rockford of the West" -- Roseville track, during the U.S. Nationals. ABA's told us "go for it."
It'd be the same successful format as Rockford - Saturday only, with a Awards-type pizza party at Scott's Shop -- PATRIOT BIKES, in Fair Oaks (about 3 1/2 miles from the Roseville track).
Adding to the retro-ness, it sounds like there will be a good sidehack contingent showing up.
What do you guys think?! Anybody up for it?
--gOrk & Scott Barrette
i might be up for the 6 hour drive up there! be nice to yak attack with the NorCal/NW crowd.
Planning on it Gork. Me and Pimpin20 will both bring a couple cruisers and freestyle bikes. I finally get to make one of these get togethers and I only have to drive about 5-10 minutes to do it. Sweet!
If you guys need any help LMK.
I will talk to Scott when I get a chance. Guys the shop is actually on the same road as the track about 15 minutes away so it's easy to get to.
I'll be there with some bikes. Thumperpilot has a post on this somewhere also I think?
I will try my best to make it.
Heck yea. I'll be there with bells on.
sounds cool, I'll do my best
I'm down for the Nor-Cal/Gothe Park/U-Hills revival!!!

Have Scott put a replica of the Del Campo 1/4 pipe in the parking lot!!! don't forget to spray paint "Windsor shaves his *** with a norelco" on it....

ABA U.S. Nationals-- Roseville Vintage BMX Gathering
WHEN: Saturday Only - April 22nd
WHERE: Oak Creek BMX in Roseville , CA. – during the ABA U.S. Nationals
WHO: All Vintage BMX collectors
WHAT & WHY: Bring your bikes to display, meet other collectors, swap & sell parts, and vote for “Best Bikes of Show” in multiple categories.
Later that night (starting at 7:00pm) PATRIOT BIKE SHOP (unofficial home of the first ABA BMX Museum ) will host the Awards Banquet (as voted on throughout the day by spectators and fellow collectors) and pizza buffet.
Custom Awards brought to you by Redline Bikes.
VINTAGE BIKE CATEGORIES: **more divisions may be added, pending on turnout
Best of Show
Best 70’s Bike
Best 80’s Bike
Best Freestyle Bike
Best MonoShock
Best 26” Cruiser
Best 24” Cruiser
Best Work-In-Progress
Best 16” incher / Pit Bike
Best Modern-Retro Bike
Best Chrome

IS THAT ALL? Special appearance at the Patriot Shop, Saturday night -- by Redline team members, past and present; along with other Nor Cal legends of the UBR days and BMX Hall of Famers.

THEN, IS THAT ALL? There’s more! PATRIOT HACKS will host the U.S. Nationals “Clash of the Dinosaurs” Sidehack race . Open to all hackers. No entry, No Award, Just an Ego Boost. Race held Saturday, at end of 2nd round of Motos (following Pro’s 3rd Motos).
For more info contact:
PATRIOT BIKE SHOP - 916-961-9646
Cool...i'll be there with some freestyle bikes. Wonder if i can get 4 in the vehicle....hmmmmm.
Deans 35th
I have a question for gOrk. I intend on racing, is there going to be anyone watching these bikes? I'd like to keep my #73 30th Redline retro if you know what I mean.

Scott sounded like they were gonna try and keep the Vintage stuff in a semi contained area. Just for that reason.
Deans 35th
That would be a good idea. I was planning doing the hack race and class. Plus wifey and two kids are racing. I won't be there a lot of the time.

Do we need to register an entry for the vintage show?
Alan McCorkle
Hey Gork,

Does the name Noel Painter mean anything to you? He and wife owned a shop in Nevada City and ran the track in Grass Valley in the 80s. He was good friends with John Owens which is another name that might sound familiar from the GV area. Scott Clark rode for John Owens' company, Bear Development for a short time. I met Noel a couple years ago and he couldn't think of your real name at the time. He kept telling me about a shop near Roseville that had a bunch of vintage stuff hanging on the walls but couldn't remember the name.

See you all on the 22nd.

Deans 35th

I wondered the same thing myself so I called the number the ABA website had listed and it was the Patriot Bike Shop. I think it was gOrk's brother that answered.He told me that they hadn't been taking any names or entries yet and that I was the first to call. He took down my info and that was it. I would call and see what he says.

I might be up for the drive up there. I though I had a concert to go to but its sunday. Look for the puke green KGB Pyschoconnecta!
Sounds like a pretty cool event. I'll see you all there.
Is there a registration process for the Vintage show?
I'm still not sure about the registration, I'm guessing not...

It will be good to meet y'all, look for me in an ICEE jersey stalking around..
Maurice Meyer
Hey, we got a little posse coming up from the SF area. We'll be disguised in Curb Dogs shirts. See you up there!
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