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We're getting closer! I need to get a final count for the BBQ so I can get a few things nailed down.

I will need the following; post it here or send an email to
Number of guests (or if you know a person that is attending that is not a VBMXer):
Number of bikes you are bringing to show:

If anyone is driving a distance to the BBQ, there are several hotels in the area.
There will be hot dogs and chips and other assorted BBQ items, but please bring your own soda/drinks/water.

It's time to kick it MN Faction style!
rick kast
i'm there.
possibly 2 bikes.
My 6 year old and I. I have a lot of space at my place, 2 couches, and a couple of air mattresses if anyone's interested. If my roommate moves by then there may be a bedroom. I'm about 12 blocks from the park.
Pete Q
I'll be there!

Possibly plus 1 (not sure yet)

I'll bring 3 display bikes plus my current rider (4 bikes)
I will be there .
No bikes to show .
Maybe 1 to ride .
The MRS may be there too , she "doesnt know yet".
Thanks for signing up, fellas!
Gotta make sure I have enough hot dogs!
I am going to bring a couple bikes and my regular rider.
S-Works- don't forget that if the Mrs. comes with and gets bored, the Mall of America is only a mile away.

Number of guests (or if you know a person that is attending that is not a VBMXer):
-Tom Haugen will be there (via email).
-John Mulhouse will be there (according to Tom Haugen)

-Just got an email from Kurt Schmidt, he'll be there and he's (hopefully) bringing OS ramp killer Andy Jordan with him.

Here are some pics of the attendees taken from "The Zine", a local MN zine that lasted for quite some time (16 issues).

John Mulhouse (top) and Gregg Stricke (me).

Andy Jordan

Kurt Schmidt

Jerry Severson ("King of Pipeline")

Never mind the "Adrian Johnson" picture, I doubt he'll show up.

Number of bikes you are bringing to show:
No bikes to show, one bike to ride and I'll probably throw in my Tune Tote and a few pieces of memorabilia.

I'll try to bring some sort of food as well, whether it's chips, hamburgers or veggieburgers (for Tom).

[ August 25, 2005, 01:07 AM: Message edited by: STRIKE ]
i will be there also ricky d...2 bikes riders no show bikes now...will bring soda etc..see ya soon

I dig the Zine scans, thanks for posting them
The Zine postings are 100% sweet!
I must have thumbed through dozens of pages until I realized I was at work.
We are going to have a great time, it will be cool to ride with some other MN/WI hellions!
I think I still have a pair of shorts that I won at one of the MFS contests. I was STILL wearing those in the early 90's.
Here's a Zine that Dale Matson put out called RAD Action. Here's some segments from '88


Nice! My brother is in there. #9 16 and over Expert flatland, misspelled name and all. I think we used to ride with Alden.

Open scooter? I'm going to have to rebuild my YO! and bring it.
Steef, is your brother's name "Ned"? Did he have an orange Dyno back in the day? If so, I remember him trying spinning bar rides...crazy!
Yup. It's a pink one and I still have the F/F and Gyro. He might have had orange tuffs on it. It will get rebuilt one of these days, probably with nothing close to his orginal parts, though.
I remember Ned doing like a 25-30mph framestand and went through an intersection at the bottom of the hill still standing!

Didn't he enter the LeSueur 2HIP half comp or am I thinking of the wrong Ned??
Thanks for posting my sweet interview.. That thing will never die, i guess......
HJAR!! That sounds like something he'd do. I don't know if he entered that one or not. I moved out of the folks' house in 1987.
"Didn't he enter the LeSueur 2HIP half comp or am I thinking of the wrong Ned??"

Ah, well, this one will draw me out of the woodwork. Yeah, Ned DID enter that King of Vert contest. His parents drove us down and his dad was a bit late picking us up. I have fond recollections of warming my frozen feet by a wood burning stove while waiting.

I actually mentioned Ned in an intro I wrote for a Tom Haugen feature in the English Ride Magazine. I always found Ned's riding inspiring. How's he doing, Steef? And don't I recall you riding a Quadangle at some point?
Ned's living in Brooklyn, NY and working for a set design company. He just passed his Welding Inspector Exam. Now he could fix up his old broken Trickstar that went to the alley, and most probably, the scrapyard. He ended up going to Yale for Grad school aftair he went to KCAI. He's got a Master's degree in sculpture now. Then he graduated and took up fly tying and fishing. He told me fish were better critics for his "sculptures". About a year ago we were talking and he asked if I still had his old Dyno pieces. He was somewhat interested in riding again. He hasn't mentioned it again, so I might be able to spring a surprise build on him. I'm going to email him soon, and let him know about this site. I also have a funny picture of him on his Hutch Jr on a ramp, I just need to upload it.

I did ride a Quad for a couple of years until I got my RL20II. I can't remember what happened to that frame.
i used to ride with alden , and ned mansfield , john mulhouse , kurt , bill karbo . its cool hearing all these old names .
Yo Crankenstein,
Could you please view some posts placed in this thread on the 19th and the 26th about the old man classic.
OK, here's the picture of Ned on our ghetto "quarter pipe" complete with ghetto blaster. I think all the wood for that ramp was begged, borrowed or stolen. Our mom was nice enough to scan this in from slides. I'm pretty sure there's some more pics in their slide boxes. I have to go through my boxes of photos to see if I have anything.
John, nice to see you posting! It'll be nice to see you again man.
Pete Q
Sheesh! That ramp looks awfully close to that support beam on the house! Anyone ever smack that thing good?
Yeah, Strike, it'll be good to see you, too. What's it been? At least 5 years, I think. Are you going to stop by and pick me up in a giant green car like in the old days? Actually, I eventually broke down and got a driver's license. Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson are still holding out. Anyway, I think Scott Puhl and Tim Quade are also going to show up at the picnic. I hadn't seen Scott Puhl since 1994 and then we went mountain biking a couple weeks ago.

That's a nice 1/4 pipe, Steef. I remember some good days at Dakota Trails. Glad to hear that Ned's doing well, what with the sculpting and the fly-fishing and the welding. Too bad that blue Trick Star is long gone.
Did you hear that Tommy Stinson's gonna be the new bassist for Soul Asylum? It's always a bummer when cancer takes people away. R.I.P. Karl Mueller.

There was a good 1.5 feet between the ramp and the post. Anyways, we all did our arials to the right so if something went wrong we ended up in hedge which isn't in that picture.
Hey fellas,
We are going to have awards for:
Best 20", Best Freestyle, Best Survivor
And we do have a few other little suprises as well.
If you have your ride from BITD, bring it with. It would be rad to see what we have hanging in our garages... the swap is still on as well!
I'll also be posting a few other details as we get a little closer. This will be rad!

Steef- I didn't hear the news about Tommy. Bummer circumstances, but cool hear...
John, since Jerry actually has a car that runs these days, I'll have room for you if you need me to pick you up. Too bad there aren't any Haro shows in town that weekend.
I'll be there on my cruiser>>>>>
Thanks for the offer Strike, but not only do I have a driver's license--I also have a car that runs (sort of). Of course, if you really want to do it old school I'll meet you in Hopkins...
Man are we slacking... Those Midwest Millitia guys are counting down the days and they have ~48 left. We're down to 12. BTW if it does happen to rain like it did all afternoon, evening, and night like it did yesterday, we can relocate to my house. I occaisionally need a really good excuse to clean up this tribachelor pad. I count my son as a bachelor because he's messier than us. We're not the odd couple here, nope. "An immaculate house is a sign of a misspent life." I hope it's as nice as today was.

I've gone up to the park with my son a few times recently, just to fool around. He's finally starting to learn how to ride without depending on the training wheels. I done pulled a tailwhip and bar endo today The muscles in my forearms hurt. There's a woman I have a minor crush on that looks at a guy's forearms. OK, TMI, but it goes through my head. I guess I know how I got them, now.
Tomorrow is a good day to ride. I don't know if I'll hit the river bottoms on the MTB or the park, but I'll ride.
It'll probably do both Unless it rains.
Pete Q
Yeah right on steef!

I don't really know what to say about this gathering... It's the first of many! Plans are running smooth, I think. Mikkopeters really is the one to ask! He's running the show.

All I know is that it's gonna rock! I plan on completing my first tailwhip at this get together!
Dude, I got it all under control! Don't even question that! I've had a couple MN VBMXers helping out! Props, fellas!!!
We have an alternate location planned in case of rain. I'll have details in re to the location posted soon. I am watching The Weather Channel and have been following the Farmers Almanac as well.
Now that I have the last of the summer obligations out of the way, I can concentrate on BMX again!

Rain or shine, we're going to have a righteous gathering.
I can't wait, I've got the day/night clear and I'm prepared for anything!

Oh btw, I haven't been riding AT ALL bike's been apart too, it's just one problem after another. Don't fret though, my bike WILL be together and ready to ride by the gathering!

[ September 06, 2005, 05:54 AM: Message edited by: STRIKE ]
Yes, the alternative location is set! How's the kick turn ramp coming along???
If there's an alternate location, I may need a ride. I took the insurance off my car today. I did about 20 miles on my SS 26" today. Now my Glutes hurt instead of my forearms.

Damn, that's the problem with bikes, there's too many ways to have fun on them, even if you're just commuting. Of course you need a different bike for each activity. I wonder how a 7speed internal hub equipped 24" cruiser would work for everything? Yeah, I know it would be a compromise all around, but... Ok, I'll get around to building one of those one of theses days.
The ramp will be complete on Saturday! I am getting the rest of the details all tied up, there really isn't that many things left to do. There will be hot dogs for all! Meeting everyone will be rad there are going to be some other cool surprises as well!

Look for complete details in re to the alternate location this weekend.
I'd love to see some pics of the small ramp ahead of time...just as a teaser.
It's going to be rad! There is a PERFECT spot for it out at the skatepark.
The ramp isn't going to be a wedge, but more of a transtioned bank with a small platform. I have not determined the final specs, but it's going to be cool.

I want to see a proper Wilton, gauge, flipper, a few stalls...
$1 US to the first guy to do a bar spin!
The $1 is mine!!!! :-0

Sorry, what is a gauge...slipped my mind???

It's going to be a gnarly time and when I crash...I crash hard so have the medical kit ready!!!
I just spied my first aid kit in the garage tonight. I will also bring a fire extinguisher just in case the BBQ takes an unexpected turn.
A gauge is a endo to nose wheelie. I am going to have to find the Kicktionary from BMXA to see if I can even do half the moves from that issue. Our mission bitd was to learn all those moves. We actually did it. I know candybars are out of the question, but you never know. Ha!

Anyone remember what a Maiden was?

I started my project bike for the BBQ tonight, it's going to be rad. I did find forks for it, I hope they make it to MPLS before the weekend.

The parks manager has been really cool, he said we could have a boombox as long as it's not blaring loud. Anyone have one that they could bring? My boombox died last spring in a horrific crash that killed the cassette player.
Is it when Dizz is totally contorted and flashin' the two finger salute??

So is it going to be all 80's music???
Does the boombox have to have a cassette?
I'll take a look at some garage sales theis weekend and see if anything jumps out at me.

A gauge is a endo to nose wheelie
I had a beautiful near accident at Lake and Hennipen in 1987 like that. I was riding my POS Daimondback MTB and a car cut right in front of me so I hit the brakes, endoed, let them out and rode the nose wheelie. I looked over at the corner and saw my ex-girlfriend's best friend. I flashed her the peace sign and rode off. Freestyling moves do have real world applications. Ride tough and stay sharp!
I still have my old boom box from back in the day. I would carry it everywhere, man my hand got tired. I'll bring it and a bunch of cassette tapes along, although I don't think the tape player works.

Boombox, as seen below:

Look through the ramp.
Hey Steef! No, cassette would be nice, but all mine are old and worn out! CD's may be a little more realistic.
As far as the mix, 80's (2-HIP jam tape would be classic!) would be cool. But bring whatever you'd like. I have been on a pre '78 KISS kick lately.

JT, I think you are right. It was like a one hander one footer, only with one foot on the seat and the hand in the classic metal sign.

Stike, that boombox is 100% hot! Why can't we have a couple boxes going? The only potential problem would be complaints from other patrons of the park, and a visit from the local finest. We'll just keep it cool.

[ September 07, 2005, 11:58 PM: Message edited by: mikkopeters ]
It was like a one hander one footer, only with one foot on the seat and the hand in the classic metal sign.
Yup, that's it.
This isn't a Maiden, but I do have the hand part correct.

We're going to rock this BBQ!
Nice bank! Ever do a Hugo fence ride there?
HJAR!! I just got back from meeting mikko!! There are indeed some nefarious plans for the B&B BBQ!1!! Can't wait to meet/reunite with the rest of you.

Strike: I hope you can make us old guys look good with that camera of yours.
steef, LOL, I'll sure try.

Mikko, where is that bank located?
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