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Gary Haselhorst
What are you putting in it!.
Gary Haselhorst
Cannon Ball!!!!!!!
Tommy, Nice to have you back man....I am trying to race again...Just please don't get back into it....I am enjoying racing.....and winning occasionally...Funny, they call me "the Human Snail"...Rock on dude.....(One of your biggest fans).....Jason
Tommy Brackens
Jason, Thanks for the thread. No I'm not racing any more. Enjoy racing and have fun doing it. Tommy Brackens
Tommy Brackens
Hey Gary, I'm putting in a Corvette engine,325hp in a car that is about 1800 pounds or less. The car is really low to the ground and wide. The total Height of the car 4' 8 inch from the ground to the top of the roof. Tommy
Gary Haselhorst
Thats sick. I'm gonna try to get up that way before the end of the year. I get a ride!!!
Hey Tommy ,

Here's a link for an awesome UK replica builder .

And a builder blog

The parallel replicas are pretty convincing !

Tommy Brackens
Hey Thanks for the info on the diablo sites. I will check them out.

Tommy Brackens
Mike Aguilera
yo yo is tommy blackens in the house.. u the man big guy ..
Jeff Utterback
While missing one flight yesterday...

Being on standby for another...

Finally getting on a late one...

I kept hoping to hear, "Tommy BLACKENS to the white courtesy phone".

So good to see you again! what a class act! please keep in touch or stay around here!

After watching the Paris video, Tommy Brackens must be the most patient man there ever was.

Thanks for sharing it. It made me bust a gut.
Fun hanging out Tommy. Thanks for understanding the photo-shops...
JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
Machine Gun Brackens (another nickname of Tommy's),
Very cool meeting you!
Great having dinner with you at Phil Maxwell's motorhome.
Glad I got you in touch with my old rival Todd Henry.
Thanks for educating me on Falconry. Hahaha!
Good luck on that car.
Get in touch with Frankie Lee M?

Oh..... but most of all.....
Thanks for you, Red Baron, and Hillage being my alleged "film crew" at Dennys
so says my agent Brian Esser.

But by far the biggest thank you of all............
Thanks for showing the Paris/ faded/ bed breaker/ moon package/ vid.
Funny as F.

Who would've ever seen that comin' when they went to Az!
Twenty three years later and Tommy is still as funny as he was BITD! So cool to hear what has been goin' on since then. My gut was hurting so at the roast with all of your great memories.

Glad you enjoyed the magazines and Torker hat.

Greg Hill
Tommy Lee Brackens...Thanks for showing the world the broken back paris video...I owe you big time...I got a text message from Tommy last night so I called him and put my wife on to say hello, I could hear the joy in his voice when he said " I got him Liz, I finally got him back" yes you did my friend...

Your a dear friend, I am greatful for you being part of my life!!! BUT.....

I will get you back WHOOOOOOOOOOO!

JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
Things I remember about Tommy Brackens from back in the day....

-Sponsored by the Pedal Shop
-Sponsored by Jag
-Raced in a wind breaker at Las Vegas NBA Winternationals
-Raced with and won on Phil Wood hubs
when everyone else had stopped using them
-Ran a Flex Plate that no one else ran
-Mentioned he was into Falconry
(Wasn't in a dictionary. You lost me on that one)
-Into fast cars.
-Had a fast little brother named Charlie Brackens
-Crashed on the Pro section/ waterhole jump at the 83' Worlds in Burbank 83'.

That's about it............
I heard at least 3 pages for Tommy Blackens at the airport on Sunday afternoon. Something about "your party is waiting for you at the terminal".
Just ask Oz!
Things I remember about Tommy from BITD...

Jackson 6

Greg Hill

Gary Haselhorst
Were Back!!!!!!!!
One of the things I loved most about this past weekend was watching and hearing about the Brackens and Hill long-time friendship and competition, especially when Tommy told us about all the tricks they pulled on each other back in the day (mostly that GREG pulled on TOMMY: "How's your brakes, Tommy?"). Tommy is a natural comedian and had everyone laughing their brains out.

But, I gotta say that Tommy DEFINITLY won this round. YOU LOSE, Greg!

(I love these guys.)
JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
Greg "Tommy blew out my knee and had to have Stu bend it back......"
John Piant
Johnny, you forgot one. Wrestled a drunk GH for about three
Joe Baumert
The tape. That is all I can say, and maybe the fact that it was, um, maybe a little ghey with the wrestling. JUST KIDDING. The tape was stellar.

Joe Baumert
What was Dain's comment? Oh yeah, something along the lines of "And what a package it was...(shaking head)....I shouldn't have said that just now." Who else asked/got Greg to sign the picture with his people?
JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
I have four 1 minute clips of Greg's speech at the end.
All the good stuff.

[ March 28, 2007, 04:42 PM: Message edited by: JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger ]
Greg Hill
Well pass it this way Mr Johnson...Whooooo
I remember Tommy best when he rode for Powerlite
Didn't BMX Plus! or Action! run an article once about him back then with a drawing of him with the front end of his bike was a dragster?
"Tommy Brackens...The Human Dragster"
Yup....that sounds about right.
Race Inc dude
Brackens rules!!!!!
I had never met Tommy before last weekend. He killed me as he was absolutely hilarious in a subtle, straight guy kind of way (straight as in comedy kind of way). Hill was the crazy one, Brackens played the straight guy. Really a fun thing to witness.
Greg Hill
TOMMY LEE BRACKENS was trying to quietly get out the door, come on people let's see a few more pics of the Human Dragster...
Turnel Henry, "The Human Dragster, and Rick Palmer!

Gary Haselhorst

I need copy of those 4 min clips please
JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
Hey Tommy,
Was it you who told me you wanted this photo?
I've got it saved as an 8x10 as well.
This one is sized for the internet.

Johnny J

My dad snapped a pic of the trophy dash at Corona 1980

Harry Leary (Diamond Back), Tommy Brackens (Jag), Lee Medlin (GT),
Eric Kocen (SE), Mike Discipulo, snd Charlie Williams (Jag).
Mr. Chrstopher the starter.
I'm cut in half on the far right. LOL!

[ April 12, 2007, 08:22 PM: Message edited by: JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger ]
Greg Hill
who's the dude to the left of Mr. Christopher?
Gary Haselhorst
It's time to start the Post a Picture and you write the caption thing going again.
JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
That dork watching, standing next to Mr. Christopher is me.
Gary Haselhorst
Cool Johnny is back in the game for caption writting.

"That Dork is me" Go Johnny!
Greg Hill
Whoooo go JJ!
JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
Almost won my main that day.
Lead my main and slpped my pedals coming out of turn three.
Got third. Oh well.
Broke put the file on those pedals the next morning.
Hey Tommy,
Disc will be sent to you tomarrow Monday.
Gary Haselhorst

Is that a argument for being clipped in.

[ April 15, 2007, 11:01 PM: Message edited by: Gary Haselhorst ]
This is one for the clips thread but here goes...

John George once raced in the Tampa area in '75 I think and ran rubber pedals claiming...rubber to rubber is a natural bond...good thinking...was that a mudhole??? OOOps!!!!!!!
My brother, Nomura Racing and I were all good buddies with Tommy, Turnell and Anthony. Talked to Tommy last summer at the Roseville, CA summernationals. was so cool to hook up again.

Joe N Mike Discipulo...

this is my current project frame number x003

i have later one x056 i think it is in chrome that i race old school in the uk.

neither are resto projects they are solely built for racing and i can safely say tommy has got frame here that rides perfect no flex and as good as any new school bikes out there.they rock

i also have set brackens square cross bar bars just getting refurb and powder this week should be on the white one by our race next sunday hopefully

mm cant get pics to upload anyone tell me how they work pleaqse they are stored in photobucket
Tommy Brackens the human dragster....There is a pic of Brackens I think on BMX Plus Cover. It is a shot of him Riding a White Torker trimmed in yellow some time back between early to mid 80's. If someone can find that mag it is a really cool pic of his unique riding style. Not 100% positive it was BMX Plus.....Thanks Gregg for bringing him to light he was one of my Hero's and it was really fun to watch him ride.
Here ya go!


do you have any pics of the boys with bednorse in it. Ascott with t and bednorse and anthony all together.

That was home track for me and they were the ones that would always help me when i was a kid.

dope bmx
QUOTE (J.T. @ Jan 22 2011, 11:35 AM) *
Here ya go!

Thanks J.T. that's the one. Super BMX 1984 at least my memory hasn't completely turned to toast.
do you have any pics of the boys with bednorse in it. Ascott with t and bednorse and anthony all together.

Mike, sorry but do not have any pictures sad.gif
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