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Found these NOS gloves in a box of oddball junk at one of the oldest bike shops in my area. 100% leather w/padding. Too cool to pass up, so I grabbed them!

What's the story behind them? Who made them?What does the big "H" stand for?
I'm thinking that they are Thorsten Hallman Racing products. Hallman was a well known MX racer in the 60 and 70s. Nice score
Made by a motocross co. by the name of Hallman. De Coster, as in Roger De Coster was the premier early 70's motocross star for Suzuki and later Honda I believe. Very cool find for sure! They would sell well on ebay to the vintage motocross crowd if you decide to down the road.
Cool! Thanks for the info. I know who Roger De Coster is , just did'nt know about these gloves. Here's a shot of the backs.
You have a PM.
JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
Pretty sure Hallman was a San Diego company.
Company is known as Thor now
oooh... spikey wants 'em!
LOL, I like anything Hallman from the mid-70's, they had the coolest stuff.
Daniel W
Torsten Hallman!

And more Torsten Hallman!
He also made these! One of the baddest thumpers ever made.

The Hallman after market frame/swingarm/rear wheel kits. they were made in very limited quanities. This one was one from my own personal stash. Nothing like a big 540CC kitted Yamaha 4-stroker motor. I could plant corn after this thing left the start line. LOL!!!!!!!

Also check out for more insane old school thumpers!

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I have a Hallman/Eneqvist red white and blue jersey that I bought right from Bengt Aberg after the Sears Point Trans-AMA in 1977 for $10.00. Aberg rode the Hallman/Eneqvist Yamaha with some pretty good success, I think he won a GP moto in 77 or 78. The "H" on the gloves is part of the logo of the mfg that made the Hallman leather products, AB Broderna Halvarsson, Malung Sweden. The weird thing is Decoster wore mostly Hallman products but used Jofama gloves for a long time, Jofa/Jofama being the other Swedish mfg of MX appearel in the 70's, they are mostly known for hockey gear.
I've been looking for those. I've bid on two different sets, over $100 last year, lost both.

Team Mongoose wore those gloves early on. eBay and the vintage "MX" guys would bring big bucks for those.
Does THOR stand for Thorsten Hallman off road or something? I'm a bit slow...
Now i finally know why you are Thumperpilot....
That HL is SWEET!!!!!!!! I never raced BMX but i did race MX for over 10 years..... BMX was just my 1st love
Daniel W
THOR = Torsten Hallman Original Racewear
Mike Welsh
Decoster was the man he is at the Carlsbad Hang Ten Grand Prix of Motocross in 1976....the picture sucks but oh well....

This is the view most photographers liked getting:

THIS is what most racers saw MOST of the time:
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