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t nile
Anyone ever own one of these? Pics? I never knew anyone to have one, & have obviously never seen one in person. How do they ride?
Bmx Prof
I raced factory Bandito. I loved the bikes. They were a little gimmicky with the double drop outs, but really dug the ride. I have some pics at my parents house, none are scanned, perhaps my father will post them.
t nile
Cool, I never really cared for the dropouts, but the frame looked decent enough.
FYI, there's a pic of one in the museum under '82-'85.
Weren't they CW's with a double drop out. All I know is they had one of the smoothest riders in History on that team, beside the Professor, Matt Haden.

Man it sucked idolizing someone you actually had to race.
I have a CW made Bandito 24" cruiser with single dropouts. I belive it was made for a Factory Rider BITD and the serial# is BC 02. Bandito 24 pics
Bmx Prof
lol... that might be my old bike. I had a cw cruiser for my ride.
the frame looks alot like the TFxxxxx serial #'erd cruiser frames but unlike the TF models it has a machined headtube.
f&f pic
Ken's right, that just may be his old cruiser. Would you like to sell it? I would love to put it together for his birthday! BDD!
For sale?? Hmmmm? don't know about that one but would consider serious offers. It looks more like the pic. below. I found some NOS Bandito cruiser bars for it and added some 401's.
Bandito 24

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I used to race the San Bernardino YMCA track BITD. Bandito was right near there, somewhere. Leon Philpot would race it all the time, and Matt Hadan a couple of times. A lot of locals rode their buddy was on the buy-in support team--dual dropout Bandito with Ambrosio heat-treated rims and a special, Bandito-only anno green Pete's Precision power disc and sprocket. Man, I wish I had that stuff now. Oh, and a yellow Bandito-stickered Echo full face and green/white/yellow Bandito Gear leathers.
Brian B
JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
Bandito factory team riders
(that I can remember)

Tinker Juarez
Dave Koch
Don Jure
Leon Philpot
Matt Hadan
I rode for them at the time in which I believe was the "very beginning". Was in Cali for a MX race and stopped by their shop , in a strip mall, to get my F/F, and GEAR gear! My F/F did not have the dual drops. Never the less, very nice people, chasing their dreams.
I used to race the San Bernardino YMCA track BITD

As did I.....the owners of Bandito (Dave and Kathy Hinshaw) were the track operators there for the first few years, as well as Snipes and the Corona-Norco YMCA track. So my question is...who is Gooser? We might just know each other.
JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
Why dont you guys who were on Bandito
say your first/ last names?
R. Serafin
I know Bob Coover raced for Bandito before moving back to California from Mass.
In the summer of 83 and 84, I spent a little time in Sioux City IA, home of Sioux City Airport BMX. The fast dudes there were all co-sponsored by Bandito. Consequently, I looked up to those guys and to this day Bandito is still on my "want" list.

Anybody from Sioux City on this thing?
I have a Bandito Frame and fork set with the dual dropouts on the fork and frame...(20 inch)...I picked it up at a local bike shop, it was hanging on the wall, and the owner told me he had taken it in on a trade with someone...The first time he had even discussed it was 7 years later when I walked in the store...I knew what it was, and he somewhat did as well...He let the frame, fork, a pair of cw standard bars, black widow first gen cranks with a redline 44 toth sprocket, redline sealed bottom bracket, tuf neck stem, hatta aluminum headset, and a set of old dia compe mx 1000s go for $175...He asked $225, and I said no, when i started walking out, he offered it for $175...HaHa, I woulda probably given him the $225, but I felt good winning the negotiation...Still have her, she is at the powdercoater right now getting shot...I really wanted to make this one wild, so I am powdercoating her Cherry Green, which looks annodized Green, and I am going with the black decals on the chrome backing, with a few Gold parts...I will post pics when I am done...Jason
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