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pk ripped
I was wondering this the other what is it? I'm talkin' production, not one offs like Woody's gold trickstar. SO is it the Pro Star, the recalled aluminum mini? Did the ever make a 26 cruiser? The HPV? Hutch experts, please chime in!!
The nickle TRICK STAR (j/k).Pro Stars were not that rare.The aluminum mini?Hmmm maybe.......They made a mountain bike as well..........A pro sized frame with the drilled HUTCH brake bridge with original fork and all decals????The GPV seems very rare as well?Perhaps the MCS made cruiser frames??????
Any early Profile Champ frame and fork with early square edged Profile cranks and Titron pedals!
The alloy Hutch JR
Chris P
Aluminum Mini 0r dotted brakebridge Hutch.
Alan McCorkle
I have to agree with HH on the Pro Star rarity because they were nothing more than Pro/Expert Racers with special decals and knowing what was or was not chosen as a "Pro Star" today is nearly impossible because there are no records to support the claim that a frame/fork were sold as a complete Pro Star. I gotta think the drilled brake bridge frame is pretty darn rare along with any of the aluminum Mini or Junior frames as well.
Mike Corvin
It's the Hutch Goose. Ask Jamal...
I'll be posting my hutch JR soon, it might not actually be the rarest, but it sure seems like it when I tried to find the hutch mini/jr related parts. I still can't seem to track down this damn hutch mini-magnesium headset. Anybody Anbody?
I dont see many Judges around ???

I saw a "Trail Star" MTB on evilbay a few months back, it was chrome and sick, it didnt sell for much either that I recall, thats the only Hutch MTB I ever saw.

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What was the Judge frame set called again after Timmy quit racing?

Something like the 'Tribute'?
pk ripped
Oh they're around...

So which is it? Drilled brake bridge early Hutch or the recalled aluminum junior?

Seems the drilled hutch as rare as it must be, was made in the hundreds if not low thousands, no?

The aluminum many were produced and speculate how many were not sent back to Hutch to be destroyed, ie survived.

...AND what about the Hutch Pit Racer? Is that more rare? Hmmmmm.
Judges are actually very common.I have owned over 10 of them already.

I have only seen 2 of those HUTCH MTB's in the past but haven't really been searching for them either......
I have seen a few of the aluminum HUTCHes in person as well so they can't be all that rare.Very uncommon but I have only seen one HUTCH in person with the drilled out logo.............Just personal experiences though.....
I can get hold of a al Jr frame it seems.

Can you get a drilled logo frame and fork with the original decals???
How about the Hutch "Special K" ?

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If I find one I'll let you know - lol
pk ripped
Ok, drilled hutch is pretty rare (I admit I have never seen one in person), what about the 16 Pit Racer, where does it fit in the grand scheme of rare Hutches?
Last summer I met a guy whose son was racing a drilled pro racer that used to belong to Timmy Judge. He was racing in Howell, NJ. Nice guy. He and Timmy grew up together in Florida. His son has since parked his dads old ride races a supercross now. Nice folks.
A black Pro Star?

Sorry, sometimes you just cannot resist the urge to brag about one's bike.
Alex....are you looking to sell that pit?

I would say the top three - in no particular order - are:

Drilled Brake Bridge (I think I know of someone who has one, but I don't name drop)

16" Pit (Alex has one, someone else in Cali recently found one)

Hutch aluminum Jr (there are a few around)
I am pretty certain the black PRO STAR is a dream or wish build and didn't really exist BITD......

Woody Itsons bike was not available for sale to the public.There was also a RARE prototype TS shown in ads BITD.We are speaking of items that are not one offs or factory rider bikes.

How about the Hutch "Special K" ?
The Special K was just a Junior Racer..........

>>>>>Click here<<<<<<
12 Inch Hutch pit bike. Never seen one. It did however exist.

Jesse D
pk ripped
Tom, Nah...not selling, thinking about building it though. I have always wondered where it stood in the heirarchy of rare Hutches and curious as to what else is out there that maybe I never heard of or something.

I am curous to know about that someone else in Cali who found one, love to see a pic...
The one that's been sitting in my mates garage and waiting to be collected in Redondo Beach
The Hutch 12 inch pit bike was a later product, not a loop tail, and not made in the USA. Not the coolest rare hutch product but rare non the less.

This bike belongs to VBMX member FESTUS and made the trip with me to Rockford a few years ago.

Here you go Alex:

Link to thread

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pk ripped
Thanks for the link, I guess Cruiserking scored it. Thats cool because he has always wanted one for years and now he finally got one, excellent!

I wonder how many were made...I have heard around 50 or so in 1984.
i have one of the drilled frames. although not a full size Pro Racer, it is not like i was going to pass it up : )

I had a drilled brake bridge Hutch Jr frame that was broke at the head tube that I aquired last year sometime but wasn't smart enough to know how rare it was and sold it on ebay for a $50 BIN. DOOHHHH!!!
Rod Miles
Jeff Haney had a very cool and very rare HUTCH, it was built to ride wheelies it had built in wheelie bars. I'm thinking it was used on the Johnny Carson show or something.

So I take it that the drill holed rear brake bridge Hutch and the aluminum frameset are the rarest of the Hutches. The coolest of the rarest, I would say. I think the mountian bike was called the Trail Star, I saw a red one on ebay a while back. A couple of rare parts would have to be the all black magnesium hubs and even more rare, the factory titanium Hutch pro size pedal spindles. Pro size Hutch, not mini pedal titanium spindles.
Andy... if you really can get one what is the condition and whatcha askin? email me!
no seriously..
no.. seriously.
Bubba Bond
i own a hutch 26" mtb bike it is awesome shape. still ride it once and a while
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