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Full Version: I know where a Kabuki Bmx bike is!! Looptail!! > VintageBMX Talk > Vintage BMX Racing
How long has it been since you actually heard the words Kabuki, and BMX in the same sentence?? I was in a shop going through the warehouse the other day, when BAM, straight from the 80's, a looptail Kabuki was staring me in the face !! With all the gold and blue anno all over it, Maxi cross, and the likes!! This pup still had the original Decals...Trying to work a deal for it now!! The shop manager told me it was an old shop bike they actually ride around the warehouse to get parts...WOW...I have several beaters I would give em for that, I have not seen a Kabuki in years!! It needs a better home!! I will keep trying, and follow up with ya on it!! Jason
Kabuki is my cats name
I had a Kabuki bmx catalog from back in the early-mid 80's.
I've never heard of a Kabuki. Could someone post a pic of one? Maybe a scan from your catalog, Madturk?
Back in the early 80's I went on a family trip to my Aunt's in New Haven. I was so bummed I couldn't bring my bike. One of my cousin's friends had a Kabuki and he let me "keep" it the whole time I was there. I rode the bejeezus out of that thing for 5 days straight. Loved it. I'd be dyng to see one of those again.
Lost the catalog years ago. I remeber they had about 5 bikes. From low end to a pretty sweet high end. They had a large Samuari (sp) as their logo.
Have not seen one, anybody wth pixs??
Kabuki/Bridgestone were involved with BMX since the mid 70s. They "borrowed" a lot of designs from LRV and Chuck Robinson and even put out a few Kabuki decaled Matthewses (sp?)
Ted Carl
The name Kabuki is one that has eluded me for some time now. Not for lack of trying.

Last summer, A kid at the pool park , mentioned that his friend has a few Old School BMX bikes, while checking mine out. Mostly them Japaneese ones (he thinks, lol), it starts with a K. .....Kuwahara, .... "that's not it, he has those too". Another Japaneese one...It starts with a K though....


Doh!.....There must be a Kabuki around my neighborhood too! Now I have to arrange a visit to see it sometime! lol

Kabuki/Bridgestone......Birds of a feather (obscure), I guess. Interesting. I would have never guessed a connection there.....
B. Apold
I was going to say Akusa, but thats not it (obviously). I have some Akusa forks.....
where i grew up there was a bike shop that sold a ton of kabuki ten speed bikes, stands to reason they made a bmx bike as well
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