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I have question this guy i know has a diamond back team aba factory model. He said it has blue and silver decals its in great condition 99% stock with db 3 piece crank and suntor gold hubs but its not a loop tail. He wants $200 do you guys think that would be worth it. I just need some advice.

cranks alone (in nice shape) are worth 200.
that sounds like a great deal for a team model diamondback, they rarely ever turn up. post some pics of it when you get it.

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I talked to the guy just awhile ago and he said it didint have a s/n on it does that sound right??

thanks loudog
Of all people Rick you should know that your not allowed to put a price on anything in this forum.

There are always many posts asking for the current value of the old BMX bike or part you have found, or are trying to purchase, etc.

The simple answer is we don't know.

As with anything, particularly anything old, it's value is judged by what someone will pay for it today. What one person will pay, is not necessarily what another person will pay. A simple rule of thumb is the value of your item is what you would pay for it.

Search ebay, or here on the for sale forum and you might gather a general idea as to the value of the item you possess. These values change daily, and are unique to each individual based what holds the most sentimental value to that particular person.

All it takes are two individuals going after the same item on the same day to drive the value of any particular item through the roof.

There is no Kelly Blue Book for BMX.
Ok jmc i didint know about the price issue if i affended you. I wont ask about prices anymore just not trying to get ripped off. Does anyone know about this bike not having a s/n#.

thanks loudog
HD #20
I have a loop tale camouflage grey turbo, ABA No 1 Team version. It has the blue decals also, hard to find.
I have a f/f but not the complete bike, serial number is on mine but I do not think they all had serial numbers on them. I have questioned mine as to authenticity due to the serial number.

I would not worry to much about the number, the bike all in all if in good shape is well worth the asking price.
Ramon a.k.a Beaner
Sandy Finkleman said that ALL Diamond Back frame and forks had serial numbers, including any that the team got.

They would pick a couple of f/f sets of the line and slap the gold decals on them, that is all that would make them "factory".

The later DB's (mid 84 and beyond) had/have an ABA # 1 Team sticker on the seat tube. My brother has an 84 Formula 1 with that sticker on the seat tube, the Pacer 500, Super Streak, and Viper models had them too.

Fenimby, I don't want to sound like a party pooper, but the "grey" turbo did not surface until mid 1985 and by then no Diamond Back (save for the pit bike Viper) was a looptail. The grey turbo was non-loopatail like the Formula 1 and Turbo-Lite. Check the serial number, if it is the bike I think it is the serial should be on the left rear dropout and should start with a number, probably 4 followed by a letter and then four more numbers.

Again I don't want to come off as a bu tthole but
there was a guy in England who powdered an 84 looptail Turbo, slapped some blue and white stickers on it and passed it (or tried to) off as one of those very rare "grey" turbos.
I have a 85 ABA#1 stickered silver streak it has all the original decals on it including the ABA stickers it is chrome with blue acces. anyone interested ?? spokes are a little rusty but it in really good shape looks to have a set of CW or CW style bars these are original . also. LMK

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Beaner your right this bike is a fomula 1 aba decals. gold susi hubs db decals on the rims db 3 pc crank ths skinny ones. the bike does have a s/n# 4a0561 baseball mx brakes. I did end up with this bike its cool.

thanks loudog
Ramon a.k.a Beaner
Nice score! Funny thing about the hubs that came on Formula 1 bikes is that they had this annodizing that was supposed to mimic the smoke finish on the Turbo but faded to a bronze, sometimes gold color over time. Do the cranks still have "DIAMOND BACK/sugino ct" screen printed on them?
I can see the diammond back a little on the crank arm but not much its faint. The bike has a real small sugino outer sprocket on it isthat stock? I was wondering what the baseball means?
"I was wondering what the baseball means"

made in...Japan
heres my pacer with the said ABA sticker

I have a formula one with that sticker as well

Ramon a.k.a Beaner
The sprocket is stock, it has most of the meat removed to make it lighter (and different), it was Sandy's idea first used on the Turbo, except the Turbo sprockets are twice as thick and not chrome plated. The baseball is a Japanese manufacturing trademark.
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