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Hi all,
a long long time ago, in a galaxy far away, i was told about how a friend-of-a-friend had snapped/cracked/car accidented their PK Ripper bitd, and they claimed the floval downtube was NOT hollow, and in fact was full of a honeycomb alloy filling.

I know for a fact that most aircraft/helicopter wings, blades, rotors ARE supported internally with various styles of 'honeycomb-like' alloy structure, obviously maintaining strength and lightness.
(my uncle used to give me small cross-sectioned pieces of rotor blades bitd).

So, my question is, did some early SE bikes get made from raw Aircraft supplied alloys before Scot and the team had to start making large orders of normal (cheaper?) alloys ????

anyone? anyone?

possibly my leg's been yanked all these years, but i guess someone (or Scot) can answer this once and for all ????

Mr.BMX (Marty)

[ March 16, 2006, 09:11 AM: Message edited by: Mr.BMX ]
Hang on...i've just got out the old angle grinder 2 cut up my honeycomb..... Just a sec.....i've got a Floval too!
I thought that Scot developed the Floval(Flat Oval)
tubing.....If it isn't true is a pretty good rumour!
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