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The start of the frame number is 07 84, which I'm assuming is the manufacturing date??

Cheers Guys,

Frame=NOT goose
Motor City Mongoose
Since you are from the other side of the pond, it could be one of those crazy Ammaco/Mongoose bikes. There was a similiar thread last month about these. Search the forums for ammaco and you may come up with an answer.
kdw 712
yeah also UK had a model called the Grand Prix
entry level for the UK range of bikes

I am sorry for opening my big mouth, I never thought Goose made anything with those drop-outs but I couldnt be more wrong.
Nice one KDW
Mystery solved - we live and learn - eh Jimmy
good job. i was curious about this one my self.

[ February 03, 2006, 05:18 PM: Message edited by: cmcaudio ]
i think i saw one a week ago, saw an older bike with a kid riding it, noticed that style Mongoose stickers, but it wasnt a looptail so I didnt shake him down! Have to keep my eye out for it and look closer.
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