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I am new to this forum, but I have been reading for a while. I remember PK Rippers from my childhood racing days. Were the PK stickers individual letters that were raised, or was it simply one long clear sticker with letters printed on it? I know that one of the old school bikes had raised letters, it may have been the J.M.C. Any help would be appreciated.
The PK Ripper frame stickers were (and still are) long clear stickers (not raised)
Thank you for the reply. Are the fork decals raised? If not, do you know what bike I may be thinking of that had raised letters? I have an early 80's GT and I always remember wanting something different.
pk ripped
The landing gear stickers were rub ons i.e. raised individual letters. I have several nos/original pk rippers and several decal sets...all clear backing and smooth. But I swear, a friend of mine moved back from missouri in 1982, and his pk had raised frame decals. I never saw another one like it. Go figure.
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