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Because Tuff Wheels look sooo cool when your riding....
Post a pic of your Tuff's in action!

Here's a pic taken last week of Skyway sponsored 35X racer, Dennis Neubauer on his Graphites!

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Capt. Nemo
Here I am...

Kip Lowe
Here is a pic of my Hutch w/Tuffs. Not very visable though.
Jet Black
Taken late 1982 at 5 Dock Skatepark

We all gave gave our Tuffs Hell , one sheared off rear wheel spoke during my more active years is an acceptable failure rate from a lifetime of abuse & a hell of a lot of fun.

(thats a Redline MX2 frame going into the river not the double downtube frame from the first pic)

pk ripped
Kip, thats some NICE air on the golf course, we used to raid golf courses bitd as well...natures quarter pipes!!
Guy Mazza
Cool Pics. Thx for posting 'em

Here ya go Ed. My oldies copping a hiding. I still have all of them too!

Here you go Ed.. thats me #27 FatBoy.. with the yellow skyway's..

Rod Miles
Here I am vintage 1984 with my campy graphite tuffs......

Rod Miles
sweet pics guys! keep 'em coming!

Here are 2 pics that I took of friends back in the mid-80's for my photography class in school...

Ben Barron
I've always been a huge Tuff Wheel fan. Here's a few shots of me over the years running them in many models.

Here's airin' it out in Panama City FLA. circa '79. Steel Flange coaster brake model .LOL!!

Me in front of the house Tyndall AFB, Panama City, FLA. circa '79.

Me runnin', the Tuff II with the Suntour freehub neighborhood session outside Boise ID. circa '83.

Two for one deal in this shot. Me racing in Ventura CA. at Farnum raceway. Must be open class because the dude on the inside is on a cruiser with Tuffs. I running the alloy flange freewheel models in this shot. circa '85

Here's me hangin' at Lakeview BMX in Lakeview, MASS. circa '88. 24" Alloy flanges with freewheel.

I have some shots somewhere of me running Tuff I's on my ride and Campy Graphites but I need to find them. As soon as I do they'll be up on this post.

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Tuff wheels are the best, have a few sets, still have the black tuff II's and going to get more
Me 1982

My race bike 2006, I'm not on it but it's got tuffs
Florida Vaughn
Here you go Ed.....from 29 years ago
I will also post a pic of the new 24's


Errrr... not the best pic!!!

Taken 01.08.06 Tuff Wheels Pwn You!

Jesse D
Florida Vaughn
Here is my ride

Capt. Nemo
I posted some new school pics of me in the beginning of this thread. Here are some from the "good 'ol days."
I never got to get a set of tuffs BITD..So no pics..But a question that's always been on my mind is the weight issue..How do they compare weight-wise with a regular araya type set up?(I know they look way cooler).
The weight is not an issue. The stiffness is the problem. I don't mind running tuff's or other mags on vintage riders for fun, but the truth is the wheels are not stiff enough to race. They also tend to get alot of wobble from the tire not seating and staying in the right position.
Yo Florida Vaughn,

All I know is that #66 plate is badass. LOL!! Those old pix are the best, I have some like that also. You can't beat them with a stick!
Thanks Gnuchoice..
Is stiffness even more of an issue for 24"?

Florida Vaughn...
How are those new 24" Tuffs?
I love the way they look, but I always assumed that they weighed more than alloy rims. Is there a weight difference? Please explain the stiffness issue. Do they feel mushy compared to other wheels? Sorry for the dumb questions.
Mattblack, is that a great camera angle in that first pic, or are you really about 15 feet off of the ground? You don't even look big enough for the bike but are tearing it up big time!! Nice pic, Nice bikes.
Found some more pics for ya ED!

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SE Quadangle
Andy Patterson won the worlds back in 83! He was on graphite tuffs. So there was truely no issue with stiffness.

Gooskey and Hutch
Right now, they run better than the trooper they`re resting on,lol.
Florida Vaughn
Since everyone is asking; yeah you feel a little more flex on the 24's, but who gives a damn they look cool as hell. Secondly if you race, what a perfect tool to build strength.....actually they may be faster with the momentum that you build up with them and how todays tracks flow.......give it a try.....I haven't raced yet in my return, but it's coming soon and I will use the tuffs....
Kip Lowe
Kip, thats some NICE air on the golf course, we used to raid golf courses bitd as well...natures quarter pipes!!
Yes PK, That is indeed a natural half pipe that I am launching from. We started way back in the trees, look under my front tire and you can see the cart path from which we would start. We would come down and catch the cart path on the left of the pic and the launch. Great times.

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Been using Tuff's since '76 but thought I would throw in some Freestyle shots.

My backyard quarter on my '82 Haro Freestyler, still have this bike!

At Mike Buff's half, 1985

At the Pipeline Combi Pool, 1985

Never had a problem with my Tuff's and I thrashed the hell out of them during BMX and Freestyle. One of the all time great products!!!

I don't have a scanner so I can't post any. I do have Tuffs and will be racing with them this year.

Check out this custom made desk though. Sweet!
That spins too, doesn't it?
Mattblack you were a rad little guy :-)
Ken Pliska

1981 Riverside Park in Clackamas. You could come flying through the parking lot and hit the backside of the second turn and actually jump over the track and land back on the backside of the berm. Campy Graphite on the front, Phil Wood 7b combo on the rear of my Microline. Non pinch Flites on there as well.
Ken Pliska

Tuffs are cool to look at, great to buy, sell, and trade (I have half a dozen sets still and have owned dozens throughout the last 30 years) and easily recognizable by name to the general public of our era.

But, they seriously flex way too much to be competitive on a track. That combined with the fact that the tire bead will not hold with higher tire pressures for aggressive racing, means they are much better suited these days to be on your sidewalk rides or on your old JMCs instead of on the race track.
Sweet ride there Ken, I dig the old JMC stand as well. Nice collector piece there!
You can tell you hung with DY Ken, I noticed the left hand lever for the rear brake on those pix. Maybe that was an Oregon thing. Kinda like the Washington riders with no visor thing of today. LOL!!!
Maurice Meyer
Now this is my kind of thread. It'd be more of a challenge to find pictures of me without tuffs - before or after getting on Skyway.

1983 Golden Gate Park before Freestylin' came out. Look at all those alloys but who's got their tuffs? Daddy. Ha.

Ken Coster from Skyway used to walk up to kids at the freestyle shows who didn't have Tuffs and ask "Where's your Tuff Wheels?" The kids just kinda stared at him embarassed. He also gave these great pep talks before our runs "Don't embarass us." Ha again.

Photbucket shrunk this up but here's some late 80's street on some Tuffs. Footplant Abubacca.

And, my most recent favorite picture airing Oscar Gonzalez' mini. Check the outdoor bar in the back ground!

I love my tuffs. I'll ride them as long as I have a coaster set. I have a recent pair that I ride at 90PSI with no problems. They used pop off the sidewalls with the old-school tires but it seems to work fine now with the new-school ones. I actually like the flex for freestyle. The bikes these days are so rigid it feels like you don't have grips and you're holding hard steel.

Finally, some foam pit fun. Left for last because I figure foam pits and resis are the things I'll be riding when I turn 50!

Jet Black
I found this slightly blurry picture of me taken on the same day & jump as Matt earlier in the thread. I need to take it out of the collage frame its in & scan it better/flatter I think.

As far as exactly how much air we had underneath us in these photo's , it's hard to say , we were jumping up an enbankment that was over well 7ft tall & the transition was _really_ user friendly as far as throwing you up into the air , what you lost in distance you more than made up for in height , similar to hitting a 1/4 pipe ramp & not having to worry about overshooting the landing deck & falling off the "unfriendly" side.
The house in the background was where we lived , so any thoughts or worries of how to get home for transport to the hospital , if we broke & arm , leg collar bone etc were far from our minds , hitting the wall as fast as you could or dared was the only thing on our minds back then.
There's another picture of CoastVL taken on the same jump & same day floating around this forum somewhere doing a 1 footed table top , he might be able to post it here for comparison.If I can find another photo of one of my brother mates on the same jump I'll scan it too , he had a JMC with tuffs on it as his jump bike from memory too.

The airtime & jumps that Matt & his ~11yr old friends that raced with him bitd was really impressive to say the least. They may not have been physically big or strong enough to manhandle their bikes around the savage skateparks Coast & I rode back then , but they always put on an above average display on the dirt jumps we built up locally.......unfortunately now my "little" brother can jump with more lunacy & jaw dropping style than his older brother can now.......

Say no more........

Sweet shots and stories guys, keep'em coming!
Shawn Sheely MN-1
I can say from experience that racing with Tuffs takes some getting used to. Last year I raced my Nomorea with Tuff Wheels-not the sealed or graphites-plain, loose ball Tuffs. I got on the gate and felt like I was going to wobble right off the hill. The front wheel could flex at least an inch in either direction. I put double wall 36s back on soon after because I don't have the coordination for all that flex.
HI all,
Just responding to the praises ? I may have only about 11, but it helps when you have a big brother and his mates telling you that you can make it. That jump was big and use to scare the crap out of me.
But been little and someone telling you that you can do it ! always helps. Now days its oppisite I have a 20 year old telling me(36 years old this year) that you can make it !!! and I usually do.
Anyway to all you little brothers you should thank your big brother and his mates for pushing you to try something you proberly would not have dreamed of. I had a ball with my brother and his mates trying to keep up with them and just hanging out on our BMX's.

I bet to post a pic that's what this thread is about. This is a favorite it reminds me of how much I like to ride. GO AUSTRALIA
Alligator boots?
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