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DB Junkie
Has anyone ever heard of a Dyno D-Force Sonic? If so do you have any idea what year they were made. I'm trying to figure out what type of bike I have here and I just ran across a set of D-force sonic decals on ebay and they match what is already on the forks. The serial on the frame is SY6000109 if that helps.

my brother had a dyno sonic a few years ago...
if i remember correctly, they were made around 1996,they werent made for long tho,maybe 2 years..
the fist year was raw ball burnished,the following year it came in emerald green.

what would you want for your dyno sonic?
i think my brother wants another one!
DB Junkie
It must not be a Sonic if they came out in 96. The Frame bars are much too skinny to be anything from 96.
Let me know what you think.
pk ripped
Do you think its older? Its got cantilevers...'96 is about right.
DB Junkie
how depressing!!
i dont think you have a dyno sonic,dyno sonics were made of aluminum...
is it aluminum? do the magnet test!
if its a steel bike,it could be either a dyno nitro or a dyno vfr.
DB Junkie
It's steel. Thanks for al your help. It's starting to look like a mid 90's Dyno Nitro. Just going by some pics on ebay, it seem to match up more with the Nitro.
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