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JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
This is the ALL THINGS DG thread.....

Post your race pics on your DG,
jumping pics on your DG,
your old DG bike alone,
your new rebuilt, restored DG,

Since I'm starting this.....

Me, Johnny Johnson, early 1979, 11 years old.
Last jump at the notorious downhill Rancho San Diego.

DG frame, DG fork, Red Lin Victory bars, JT grips,
Tuff-Neck, 7B rims, (I believe) Campagnolo cranks,
& Bob Reedy Ultimate pedals.
That's all I can remember.

[ September 20, 2005, 01:43 AM: Message edited by: JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger ]
I remeber when DG had a warehouse off Miramar Rd. here in San Diego.

I rode my bike over there and looked in one Saturday morning and there were frames galore sitting on the floor in rows.

literally 100s of them.

never had one though, they always looked so heavy

some old and some new pics...DG
will post more later.

1979 DG vulcan
1980 DG pitbike

nice old school pics of Baylands jpbmxfool! That's old Lucky running the starting gate - nice!
Hey jpbmxfool I don't think u have enough dg's...LOL
I always wnted one, but had to settle for a goose...
I always wnted one, but had to settle for a goose...
......ahem, "settle"? you say that like owning a mongoose is a bad thing or somthing. you might want to re-phraze that, lol.

'77 DG-3. Ben Joy build. schweeeet.
Thanks for showing a brother the love Sodbuster. That bike still looks good! Glad it found a good home.

Where is the Yellow DG 2 I sold a few years ago? Went to Dakotas, then Hawaii.
you're slipping, ben. i have the yellow deuce...

TIM - Hats off to you my man...those rigs are really nice. What else do you have that we all haven't seen yet?
I'm old and slip, but not this time!

I did a later DG2 years before that frame. One of the first bikes I did back around 1999. Sold it on eBay to a collector in S. or N. Dakota and he resold it on eBay a couples years later.
some more DG pics
i love that frame!! it broke thou!! it said not to jump it on a sticker on the frame!!
One from Stu's collection, one from OM's plastic tub collection of Jeff (on a DG2 with one piece cranks and a QR up front) and one of Me and Jay Graves at Roger Bergs track.

JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
The Bottema pic above.....
Ben where did you get this picture from?
79' Supernationals at Saddleback right?
Was this pic published in a mag or a personal pic?
Who's in 3rd? Clinton or Henderson?

Isn't that your friend and El Centro super star,
Pepe Mason #93 in 4th?
I'm pretty positive that's San Diego S&W racer,
John McCourt #14s behind Bottema.

Johnny Johnson
Om Sent my a large Rubbermaid container of photo's. I scanned a bunch and just didn't ahev time to do them all. This was a photo from that BIN. Likely 1979 as soon after this he and Toby went to Rampar.

He also has 7C hoops. He always ran Dura Ace Cranks (DG1 Jeff Bottema Model had euro bb) and 7B's.

TEST - What other than components is different between the 2 DG Super Pro's in the photo above?

[ September 22, 2005, 12:47 AM: Message edited by: BenOr ]
different bars, tires and seats =)
My little bro Pete (Sidehack Guy) back in 78 (He was racing at 4)

Steve Skibel Replica
7B rims
Cut Down Mighty Compe cranksets
Grab-On grips
CYC Bars
SR Single stem (alloy)
OMAS Titanium BB
Seat clamped on directly to the seat tube

PS. Johnny, I think that's the late David Garcia. Pepe was younger than Jeff.

[ September 22, 2005, 03:29 AM: Message edited by: reilley1 ]
how does he use the brake lever?
He didn't I put it low so he couldn't reach it...

I also took the seat and seatpost off later on so he would learn to stand up all the time...
JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
Pepe Mason rode a black and gold DG California Pro. I'm almost positve he was #93. I've got a pic of him and Lee Medlin at the 79' NBA US Nationals at the San Diego Velodrome. I'll dig it up. I bet that pic Ben Joy posted is either a senior open, open pro/am, or maybe a practice lap.
#23 is a first gen Super Pro from 1977 or early 1978. Old Logo Gusset and chrome under thin blue Powder. Check the way his rear drop outs are pealed. Mine was a 78 and has the new gusset plus regular powder without chrome under the finish.

Both have SuperPro hoops and were built right around the SuperPro Tim is showing above. Same shop and hoops on all three bikes.
RAD pics Ben!! relley!! great little bro pic.....
DG 1978 greenduck catalog
dang! those DG Vans gotta be a holy grail...
B. Apold
OMG! What a cool thread!!!! I want to buy a yellow DG pro F/F so bad. They were never a common bike here in MN probably because the sport didn't really kick into high gear until 80-ish. By then SE, GT, Hutch etc. were the hot things. Back when I started in 1976 I wanted a Stevie-mini.

They define the word old school BMX in my mind...
I guy in my neighborhood had a DG. We weren't all that backward up here.
I have the DG patches for the vans, now I need to find era correct vans.. anyone?

I would KILL for DG Skateboards. Yes, they did make those.

will take more pix of my DG goodies this weekend. =)
Awesome pics of Hurricane!
raddad old schooler
i know were a dg board is
c'mon, share or DIE! lol
DG Frames 1976
Kevin Harlow
A little trivia quiz:

Can anyone name ALL five of the people on jpbmxfool's 1978 DG BMX ad?

Good one Kevin! How is it possible to beat a "Harlow" in DG Trivia?

Bob Hannah, Mike Bell, Jeff Bottema and I'll guess on the other MX guy - Rex Stanton? No idea on the female.

EMPI - Van's re-release those shoes last year in the same light blue/yellow.
First DG BMX Catalog... Kevin who is "Troy" who penciled the cover?

A Couple of early Minicycle/BMX Articles.

>I'll guess on the other MX guy - Rex Stanton?

..not a 100%, but I think you might be right.

For sure Mike Bell in the Hurricane-Down-Jacket!
Kevin Harlow
WOW Ben! This stuff is..................................AMAZING! I do not recall you showing that 1st catalog or the Stevie Skibel article before? Very Cool. I saw Steve Skibel (jr) @ Lake Perris BMX with his kids (his son races) a few months ago. His mom (Lynn) was there also.

I don't know who "Troy" is.

Answers to "Green Duck" catalog:

Bob Hannah

Mike Bell

Jeff Bottema (anyone seen him lately?)

Loah Workman- she worked in the shipping dept. @ DG Anaheim. She Later married "The Wheelie King" Doug Domokos. Doug died a couple of years ago in an ultralight crash out here in Perris. Did you know that Doug could eat an entire glass tumbler, chew it up and swallow it without cutting himself? Weird.

The guy that looks like Rocket Rex Staten is actually Glenn Thomas. He was the warehouse manager @ DG Anaheim.

[ September 24, 2005, 12:48 PM: Message edited by: Kevin Harlow ]
Jeff Utterback
How cool is Chuck Robinson's mullet!!
From my pin head perspective, DG was the coolest brand. The only thing closer was JT Racing. I think it stems from my MX and BMX background.

Check out OM arms crossed as Bottema jumps, Mouth open as Stu jumps and following Stu a third time. Funny how he would be in the DG catalog (Gurney) and be on FMF likely days later. He won #1 on FMF with 284 the same year.

I need JPBMXFOOL to update screen and make the fulll on orignal T-Shirts!

Now to bed as I actually meet with Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie and Eddie Merkyx at 7am! and my first century tomorrow.

I love bikes!

[ September 25, 2005, 02:07 AM: Message edited by: BenOr ]
Kevin Harlow
How cool is Chuck Robinson's mullet!!
Yeah! Anyway, Chuck was just flat cool! Wish he was still around.

Ben update the screens no problem!! it well be fun!! One more of Lucky!!
I actually ordered a pair of those DG logo'd Vans back in the day, but they returned my check to me as they had already sold out! So they were my holy grail even in 1979.

Where are the pics of the California Pro? I've yet to see anything but ad pics. I want to see one in someone's collection. Tim? C'mon man! Get on it!

Marc Tardif
Jody Cagle ( apparently has found a California Pro. He posted some hints about it a few weeks ago, but no pictures yet.
JohnnyJohnson OMAS DirtSlinger
Glad I started this thread.
DG California Pro .... heres the deal ... i foind one .... decent shape, right now it is dissasembled, i have before pics, but.... they will come , i am cleaning as much of it as i can , i missing the pedals, chain, and seat, i am in need of a set of gold araya 7c loops as the ones on the bike are toast ! but the bullseyes survied in great shape, as soon as i can get it close to looking decent i will post pics, this stays in my collection so there will be plenty of pics for all , once it is cleaned up and running, i have had several DG's we are lucky up here, cause i seem to find alot, for now thanks ,
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