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Can anyone tell me how to decrypt a Mongoose serial number?


What is the serial # and then I will tutor you in how to read it .

Dunno - I want to buy an 85 California, but I want to know the serial number format so that I know what I am buying.
The later stuff is different as far as serial #'s go.I think that M4 is 84 and M5 is 85 if this helps?I don't think you can tell what model frame by using the serial #'s on these though.Good luck!

Motor City Mongoose
Also, `84's will have a sticker on the head tube, `85's will have a riveted colored head tube badge, and I believe `86 will have a single riveted single-colored head tube badge.
I have an old Mongoose "Supergoose" with the serial number H151413. I have been told that number is strange. Dose any one know why or how I can read it?

Original Mongoose
On the later bikes that start with M, I believe the second number is the year and the 3rd letter is the month it was manufactured.

i.e. M3-H2184 = Aug 1984

All of my looptail Mongooses are like this.

If I'm wrong, don't shoot me!!!!
H1 is definatly an 8-81 built frame, overseas built.

But by 1983 I think they might have switched overseas production to someone that built for many companys cause I think every 1983-85 frame I've seen started with an M which leads me to believe the M is for Mongoose on these frames, not the month. M3 = 1983.

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Some Hutch overseas frames use the same serial # method with the M prefix from the same period.So it probably doesn't denote Mongoose but it could just be a coincidence?Who know's????Perhaps the Gooses and Hutches were probably made in the same plant?
"Perhaps the Gooses and Hutches were probably made in the same plant?"

I feel weazy.
Why feel weazy?They were both built in Taiwan,both are actually very similar in design and construction and have the same serial # pattern.It is a reasonable deduction that they may share the same origin?
The 3rd digit in the 83' - on should be a letter. This letter appears to coincide with a month.

I'm sure Randy is right about the frames being made in bulk by some Taiwan factory, and the 1st digit (which is the lttr M) probably stands for mongoose.
Here is the serial # from a HUTCH Pro Raider

M5 - H3333

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It seems as though it is exactly the same pattern as the Mongoose serial # mentioned earlier


Except that the 1st digit denotes the year (so the goose is 1983 and the HUTCH is 1985).If you use a bit of common sense and some deductive reasoning it seems pretty obvious the frames were most likely manufactured in the same facility.As they were both from Taiwan and built very similarly.Both have the same tube sizes,looptails and construction quality.Also the Pro streets have the same knurling on the dropouts (as the goose frames) and they follow the serial # pattern as well.Therefore Randy's edited post is correct about them being made in Taiwan but the M standing for Mongoose seems very unlikely?
My goose has K2000404 serial anyone know from the SN the year. It is suppose to be 81-82.

dancti yours is an 82' Goose
thanks Hutchheaven
Motor City Mongoose
Could the M=Moorpark?
M = Made in Taiwan

I don't know, very interesting on the Hutch serial # (well, not really). What do you expect from Taiwan? No rhyme or reason, just crank out them frames!!!

By the way, Dancti, nice bike!!
Jay Huber
I remember reading a post on another site that briefly described the system used for serial numbers having a reference to one of the plants where frames where welded for the big us companies, it refers to a GT, but sounds very similiar to what was mentioned before about the sn starting with a K
found the post
By the way, did I tell you that the guy ran GT's in house fabrication for the last ten years (he recently retired) was none other than Gilbert Axt. Who? Do you remember Race, Inc.? That was Gilbert.

He also did the original PK Ripper for SE Racing. History, man.

It might be a really cool thing if I can track down Gilbert now and interview him for you.

THAT is the kind of stuff that belongs in the BMX Museum!

Yep, thats the stuff that belongs in there and not here....

Bill Bastian owned Race Inc until its demise and in later years went to GT.

Gilbert was a welder at Race Inc

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78goose, thanks its a higher spec version of the one I rode as a kid
Then i am to assume K1090665 is an 81?
Yes. I have an 81' with a similar serial #. Seems like later in 81' they made the serial # switch.
Ok, so we've established that Mongoose & Hutch had both used 'M' as the starting letter, ruling out Randy's theory that 'M' was for Mongoose.

My *theory* is that since the old gooses used A to L for the month code, i figured they moved on to the next alphabetical letter (being 'M') to launch the new series of frames.

Consider the old Date code CA0 (Chatsworth, Jan 1980)
Since the frames aren't made in Chatsworth, lets drop the 'C'

Now, perhaps mongoose didn't care, (or NEED to know) which month frames were made in, so lets drop the A-L, and replace that with an 'M' to indicate our NEW range of frames, from the manufacturer in Taiwan.
(obviously this factory dont sit around ONLY making gooses, they'd also make hutch and gt and whoever else, so dont be surprised if other bikes start with an 'M' in that era).

The 'number' remains in tact as the year indictator, and the following 6 digits being the serial number.

Well, that's my theory, and i'm proud of it hehehehe

Ride Hard,
i hate to give the bad news but murry used the m before the # as well. the team murry for shure used it. my old one did. no i dont have it. traded it for a hary lary turbo. unfortunatly i broke the turbo frame.
So Murrays' came out of the same taiwan factory too?!?!
or, they used 'M' for murray? you never know.


[ February 07, 2006, 09:58 AM: Message edited by: Mr.BMX ]
i would hope they did not come frme the same factory in taiwan although it did say made in taiwan. would that make these bikes humurgoose?
humurgoose or humorous hahahaha.

I think we'd all be VERY scared to find out that at least 30 brand name bikes of the 80's came out of 1 factory in Taiwan.

I knew of a company (who seemed to only provide the bottom-end bikes to the world) made something like 100+ model bikes, and you can usually tell those bikes because they al have the same dropouts, or rear-stay design etc.
I don't know if they also pumped out higher-end bikes too, still researching that part.

Here's my Mongoose serial #e118427 whats the year?
Thanks ~ Tone

It's a 1981 goose, i believe made in May.

Thanks Marty !!

Take Care ~ Tone
Steve Bourke
when did they drop the coaster brake mount
Steve Bourke
i got two bikes last night one was a noncoaster nickle goose, and the other is a chainguard looptail rampar. i'm not going to keep either.
Motor City Mongoose
Give me your address, then put them by the curb. I'm sure someone will pick them up if I don't get there fast enough.
Steve Bourke
D109506 w/ the pinched style forks.
every thing is a little rusted.
2 square pat pending tuf necks red and blue. the red one was hit with a hammer on the bottom.
faded blue cal lights.
takagi cromo 165's
black ame grips that look like oakley 1's
steel pro class wheels.
mongoose bars chrome?

the rampar has steel shimano cassete hubs w/ araya 7c 1.75's gold on gold.
Steve Bourke
would it be a supergoose?
it had no name cranks w/ a sugino spider.
KKT K-MX pedals.
the bars had no markings, but are nice .045 wall and chrome plated.
the bikes were owned by two brothers and the parts on the tho bikes were swaped.
pro class rims and nice bars on the Rampar.
dept store bars on the Mongoose.

this guy also had a box stock Pro Raider as a grocery getter.
he also has a PL20 Carrera f/f + extras he would sell for around 100.00 i need to check s/n.

the highlight of the deal that i'm trying to convince him that he could let go is a Hutch 24 i think it's just f/f. he wants to make it the new grocery getter.
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