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Gastonia BMX Opening Day \ Olympic Day July 1, 2012, $5,000 Womens Pro\Am & $500 Mens Pro\am
post Jun 20 2012, 10:38 AM
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A track built by riders for riders will have it's Grand Opening \ Olympic Day on July 1st. This is a FREE event to all who attend, NO MEMBERSHIP OR RACE FEES!!! Our goal is to revitalize the track but really revitalize the city of Gastonia and the way people perceive the area. We all know in this sport when you give kids something to do they have a better chance of staying out of trouble. This track has been around for many years and from what I heard John David himself started this track. This track has been dormant for the past few years and Matthew Silvia and Carley Young have climbed through red tape and jumped though hoops with the county to get this track back opened. The plans for this track are going to making a positive impact in this community and help promote happy healthy kids. Carley Young will also be putting on Ride Like a Girl camps and clinics at the track for riders to attend and the track will provide free new rider clinics to make sure these kids succeed in the sport.

Some added bonuses to this race other then it being FREE is the Big Money Pro\Am Races

The Mid Atlantic Pro\Am will be hosting their 1st annual race at our Opening Day that holds some pretty awesome purses for those who race.
$5,000 for the Womens Pro/Am
$500 for the Mens Pro/Am.

Their is NO ENTRY for the pro\am!!!

Please Like our Facebook Page and RSVP to our event page if you can make it out!

Thanks to the BMX community for all your support with getting this track back and running!

Facebook Page:

Facebook Event:


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post Jul 3 2012, 01:01 PM
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We wanted to start off this race review with a huge thank you for everyone who came out and battled it out through the heat. With the temperature high of 102 degrees and with the heat index it was 110. Many of you may know but we have been trying to take over this track for over a year and when the day finally came on May 17 2012 from Gastonia City Council that we were able to step on the land we were so excited. In less than 6 weeks we were able to clear the land and make the existing track rideable once all the grass was removed. As you can see in the flyers we have different plans for the track but we need to raise some funds and secure some sponsors to make this track what we see it should be for the North Carolina riders. This event drew in riders and families from North and South Carolina, Indiana, Florida, Virginia, New York, and Illinois. We had 18 women show up for our pro\am and 8 men and they were very patient in helping us with the issues with posting the moto sheets. We actually ran their first 2 moto’s and gave the crowd something fun to watch during the wait.

Big thanks to all the ladies who came out to race who traveled many miles to compete for the big prize. The main event was no favorite for the win since we had 3 scrambled racks different girls were winning rounds so it was anyone’s for the taking. After the ladies did their roll outs they loaded up in the gate. Felicia Stancil and Amanda Geving got the snap out to the first roller and all the ladies charging hard to the first turn. It was Felicia who held onto it for the Madera stem holeshot award. Commotion in the first turn and girls bumping bars Alaina Henderson in third pops her chain slowing down the riders. Going down the second straight they were 4 wide charging hard. Alaina pumping her heart out starts to drop to the back Ashley Kneram with a clean line takes over third followed by Madison Pitts. Followed by Carley Young, Courtney Applewhite, Kendra Stoddard and Alaina Henderson.

The Girls had a B Main and this was just as exciting. Josie Richie had the pop and was charging hard, Amanda Schaaf was right on her tail. Ameila Zwiener right on Amanda’s tail was looking for the best line to get under her but also defending her line for Jennifer Knight. Lauren Mendoza did a great job riding in the main passing Kira Smith at the line and Hannah Galvin and Kayla Gaddis to follow. I wanted to apologize to Rebecca Robinson for her scores were totaled incorrectly and she was supose to be in the B main. We did not catch this until after the race but I wanted to apologize for our mistake.

The Boys main was exciting to watch with many fast guys in the gate Justin Posey got the pop and the Madera stem for the holeshot award. Cameron Moore was riding very well in second followed by Chris White and Bill Young. Matthew Keller finished fifth followed by Matthew Calvin for the sixth. Unfortunately we had a crash first moto with Joshua Rivera who later found out he broke his hand so we wish him a speedy recovery.

Some other races that were exciting to watch were 9 Girls. Taylor Weeks just moving up to Girls in Nashville rode awesome with the ladies in her class. She had Nicole Smith and Rachel Galvin finishing second and third. 41-45 cruiser is always fun to watch and first lap we had some bumping bars and lost a rider on the first straight. Lawrence Lavender had a perfect day with Gene Bedinger traveling all the way from Indiana with the second Brian Berner in third and Richard Skaretka for fourth. Jenna Spracher raced both 14 Girls and 14 Girls Cruiser and traveled from Virginia to compete in the opening day event. 6 Novice was fun to watch Dagan Strickland took the win followed by Nathan Albrecht and Maysa Jackson. Maysa made her first main at her first race so big congrats to her. 7 Expert Wesley Haggstrom is a little ramper and it is so exciting to watch him race with Justin Weeks and Carson Hoyle. 9 Expert was charging hard with Caleb Horton and his great gates got him out ahead of the rest, Charlie Biggs and Chapen Smothers battled all day for second and third. It was awesome to see Ivan Dixon back on the bike 11Inter. 12 Novice was exciting with 2 brand new riders Zachary Simmons and Uri Watson they were charging hard all day first and second it came down to the line every time and Courtney Widmer finishing up in third. 28-35 Inter was the last moto of the day and great because the guys were changing it up, James Martens making moves in the turns finished first and Samuel Roundface was holding off William Finch and Brian Helton for second.

We wanted to take a moment and thank those who made this day possible. Matthew Silvia for his hours of manual labor and dedication to make our opening day event happen. Walter Williamson for doing whatever he could to lend a helping hand with the preparation of the track and being an official during the event. We would also like to thank Walter’s father for letting us use his bobcat to clear some land in the early stages to the revitalization project. Raymond Hoyle for coming out and mowing the track t and help us try and remove all crab grass off the track surface. Todd Irby for loaning us his tractor/bushhog, mowing the property and helping us roll in the track on Saturday with his four wheeler. Bryan Jackson for lending their generator and time to make our track come together. Maysa Jackson was our youngest volunteer who helped removed brush from the track. Ben and Heather Hogan for all their support and helping us secure a PA system for our music and Ben even announced the races on it. Ben also went and networked with people within the community to help spread the word about our event. Heather also did a great job with the 50/50 and raffle tickets. Jacob Hogan received surgery on his throat only 6 days before our event came out to support us he even helped with concession and parking cars. Bill, Karen, Billy and Marissa Young for traveling all the way from Florida to donate their time energy and equipment to make everything on July 1st successful. Karen also helped in concession and Bill and Billy both helped by being an official. Bill also donated our mist tent to help keep all the riders cool and out of the heat. James Martens (Popeye) for all his support in our event and loaning our track with equipment to run the gate for opening day. Doug Biddle [b]and Mike Gooch[/b] for helping us get the gate set up to race. Jennifer Smothers and Lamar Dellinger for all their help with registration and working to help get the motos posted ASAP! Emily Biggs for all her help and being a great part of our team. Tanglewood BMX for lending their gate equipment to help us run our event. Kevin Galvin for running the gate. Lamar Dellinger for staging our motos. Ben Bradner for being an event official, helping us with scoring and for all his support with our track. Melanie, Taylyn and Gavin Adams for their time and helping us remove the poles on the starting hill. Gavin helped remove the rocks from the track and keep us smiling. Alaina Henderson for helping us with the concession stand sign. Frank Klimecki for his time in helping us in the beginning stages of the revitalization process. Jessica Horton did an amazing job with singing out national anthem perfect.

Last but certainly not least our sponsors: Dave Cash Allstate who gave us a donation to help us out for opening day. GHC Professional Roofing donated a rented bobcat to help us with the final stages of our revitalization project. Simmons Construction for his time and four wheeler to help drag the track. Horton Medical for their donation to help us out for opening day. The Horton Family for all of their time, donations, loaning us their equipment to clear the land and hanging the flags to make our event look beautiful. The Horton Family also donated riding equipment to some local riders. LCI Lawn and Landscape for loaning us equipment to help us clear the land and all their support along the way. AVA Consulting for their time and loaning their equipment for our event. Mike and Misty Gooch for loaning us equipment to help make final touches for opening day. Mark Sullivan from the Trailblazers for his time and equipment to help rough in the track with his bobcat. Steve Aupied from A Captive Memory Photography for taking photos at our event. Cathy Melesh with Juice Plus for educating riders about nutrition and being an awesome healthy sponsor for the event. Tracey Coon with Metro Graphics for providing us with amazing quality flyers we were able to hand out and put up at local businesses. Karen Gloe with Central Payment for her donation with our credit card processing machine to help our business run more smoothly. The Gaston Gazette for coming out and helping us spread the word about our event. Madera for donating the stem for our holeshot award for the pro\am event.


A Main - Girls Pro/Am
1 – Felicia Stancil $2,000 (Madera Holeshot Award Winner)
2 – Amanda Geving $1,000
3 – Ashley Kneram $700
4 – Madison Pitts $500
5 – Carley Young $350
6 – Courtney Applewhite $200
7 – Kendra Stoddard $150
8 – Alaina Henderson $100

B Main – Girls Pro\Am
1 – Josie Richie $100
2 – Amanda Shraaf $75
3 – Ameila Zweiner $50
4 – Jennifer Knight $25
5 – Lauren Mendoza
6 – Kiera Smith
7 – Hannah Galvin
8 – Kayla Gaddis

Boys Pro/Am
1 – Justin Posey $250 (Madera Holeshot Award Winner)
2 – Cameron White $125
3 – Chris White $75
4 – Bill Young $50
5 – Matthew Keller $15
6 – Matthew Calvin
DNS - Joshua Rivera
DNS - Anthony White

9 Girls
1 – Taylor Weeks
2 – Nicole Smith
3 – Rachel Galvin

14 Girls
1 – Lauren Mendoza
2 – Jenna Spracher
3 – Kira Smith

30 – 40 Cruiser
1- Mickey Stanley
2 – William Finch
3 – Allen Parsens
4 – Robert Osborn
5 – Todd Norder

41- 45 Cruiser

1 – Lawrence Lavender
2 – Gene Bedinger
3 – Brian Berner
4 – Richard Skaretka

46 – 50 Cruiser
1 – Ken Robinson
2 – James Martens
3 – Tony Zwiener
4 – Jay Harden

26 – 30 Girls Cruiser
1 – Jenna Spracher
2 – Rebecca Robinson
3 – Melanie Adams

36 – 40 Girls Cruiser
1 – Juanita Zwiener
2 – Natasha Smith

6 Novice
1 – Dagan Strickland
2 – Nathan Albrecht
3 – Maysa Jackson

6 Inter
1 – Will Walker
2 – Dylan Hoyle
3 – Gavin Adams
4 – Aidan Phillips

7 Inter

1 – Riley Queen
2 – Cole Irby
3 – Trevor Albrecht

7 Expert
1 – Wesley Haggstrom
2 – Justin Weeks
3 – Carson Hoyle

9 Inter
1 - Ty Norder
2 – Jacob Wooten
3 – Mason Prockup

9 Expert
1 – Caleb Horton
2 - Charlie Biggs
3 – Chapen Smothers

11 Inter
1 – Jacob Bernes
2 – Ales Konicek
3 – Ivan Dixon

11 Expert
1 – Dylan Dellinger
2 – Jack Ritchie
3 – Trever Irby

12 Novice
1 – Zachary Simmons
2 – Uri Watson
3 – Courtney Widmer

13 Inter
1 – Jacen McGarity
2 – Jarret Biddle
3 – Kenen Newman

15 Expert
1 – Tyler Frix
2 – Dylan Rimmer
3 – Christian Putman

17 – 18 Inter
1 – Devyn Graham
2 – Drew Osborne
3 – Preston Hall

28-35 Inter
1 – James Mertens
2 – Samuel Roundface
3 – William Finch
4 – Brian Helton

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post Aug 2 2012, 08:17 AM
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Friday, August 3 Gastonia BMX Single Points Race - P & R 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Saturday, August 4 Gastonia BMX DBL Points Race For Life - P & R 10:00 Am To 12:00 Noon
Sunday, August 5 Gastonia BMX DBL Points NC State Qualifier - P & R 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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