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Worst Tracks of All Time, Describe the worst track you have ever raced
post Aug 15 2010, 05:45 PM
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Years ago back in the 80's I remember a BMX track in Vero Florida. This track was an N.P.S.A. track and it had to be the worst track I have ever raced. It was so bad that I can't even belive to this day that it was actually allowed by the sanction to be aproved as an actual BMX sanctioned track. The Starting hill at Vero was not made of a giant dirt mound like most tracks. It was made out of ply wood and painted bright red. The Starting gate was a very thin piece of metal that was so thin it started to bend when the gate was full and developed a crease in the middle of the gate from all the tension. On top of all this it only had 6 lanes wich in my opinion should nothave been allowed. The track was made of shellrock ...uugh well kinda lol. Ltes say it was suppose to be shellrock but it had sand mixed. As you came down the first straight wich had no jumps you would hit the first turn wich I kid you not was almost completley sugar sand unless you took the berm up high. Problem was the berm was too far from the main line of the track so you had to go way out there to hit the berm. If you were lucky enough to make it through the sugar sand then you would have to really pay atention to where the track was because it was a mixture ofshellrok with grass and weed patches that were overgrowing on the track. The jumps were not very high at all ust a couple of whoopty doos. I dont even remember a table top at all. As you rounded the 2nd turn there was a part on the track that had sansper type of stickers and grass over growing the area follwed by black sugar sand dirt. On a rainy day this was black and muddy. Finally on the last straight way you had one little tiny whoopty doo before the finish line. Worst track of all time. I would love to hear your stories and if anyone has raced Vero beach track I would love to hear your thoughts. Larry Beier
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post Aug 15 2010, 09:43 PM
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A Pro

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Brooklyn, NY 1981
Spokane, WA 1992
Savannah, GA 1981

Brooklyn had a 4 man gate and was all sand.
Spokane was also short but had huge river rocks in the track and along the track.
Savannah The track was actually pretty cool. Just needed less sand and bigger jumps and berms. But it had a6 man gate. The day I raced it 7 made the main. So I volunteered to start at the edge of the gate. I snapped right into the sand at the edge and came out last. It woulda been a good race between me and the track hot shot Paul Faro (if I remember right, stayed at his house). I raced him earlier at Summerville, SC.
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post Aug 29 2010, 02:29 PM
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Worst one I ever raced was Coalinga, CA, in '82 I think.
I have never been the type that needed a manicured track, but this one was horrible. At least two parts of it were. The first was one of the turns. It was a bermed turn, but part of it was eroded away, like a layer had fallen off of it, and this was on the face of it not the top. Real crumbly and loose.
The worst part though was the starting hill. The top was asphalt instead of concrete. It was quite soft because of the heat and the gate mechanism was real wobbly due to the hardware being set in the asphalt. I was literally falling apart as it was being used. By the time the mains started it was all they could do to keep it together.
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post Aug 30 2010, 01:39 PM
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A Pro

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BCR in Austin TX 2007
Owner was a A$$ and the track was like riding in sand up hill.
plus cows walked on track when it was not open and made for a real bumpy ride (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
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post Aug 30 2010, 06:42 PM
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Racer nailed it. Spokane Wa. in the early nineties, track was built out of parking lot gravel and rocks by two bmx moms with a bobcat in one weekend. 6 man gate, maybe 10 ft wide and 600 ft long.
Worst track ever! hands down.
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post Aug 31 2010, 02:14 AM
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AA Pro

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I haven't raced a bunch of tracks, but I wasn't too fond of South Kitsap BMX. I only raced there a few times, but remember it being really tight and really low berms. Loose dirt too, but that could have been because it was new.
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The Red Baron
post Sep 2 2010, 11:38 PM
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AA Pro
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Well...back in the stone age when I was racing...after Fred Flintstone helped me carve out my first set of Motomags...I raced at plenty of different tracks. Some good, some not so good.

I raced at tracks that were layed out today so we could race tomorrow. I raced at a track with a flat flag start and 'A' cone that marked the first turn and 'A' cone that marked the second turn. I was infinitely fortunate to have raced at a track we called Yarnell where the pre-race ritual was as we walked the track we kicked away the big rocks and what was left was the 'moto' in bicycle moto cross.

I feel I was so fortunate to have raced on so many different kinds of tracks. Flat tracks, downhills, singletrack (Hollyfield) and some I swear were uphill. But everyone was a challenge in it's own right. And whatever that challenge was, we all had to deal with it. Some seemed unfair for that one person who drew the wrong gate lane. (watch out for that mattress on the tree in the first turn)

But that was racing...

...unlike the well groomed surfaces (even paved) tracks of today where it seems every track is layed out like the one I was at last weekend.

...and like Fred Flintstone, I'm just a re-run of a by gone era. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) I'll keep my memories and you can have your street tires.
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post Sep 3 2010, 07:31 AM
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Master of disasters

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First Scottsdale Jaycee's track. Too narrow and too short. If you didn't get the hole shot you pretty much screwed.
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post Sep 3 2010, 03:43 PM
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I feel like Red Baron, raced on some lousy tracks and some really good ones.

The hard thing about laying out a track is figuring out where the lines are. Sounds simple, but sometimes you build a berm, that nobody really needed or used.

Honestly, I loved it when the track was built literally before the race or National, everyone would ***** about the track conditions and take themselves out of the race mentally before the gate dropped. Same with rain races.

I kept a Carlisle Aggressor mounted in the trunk for rough tracks, and two (front and rear) for rain races right into the 80s.

One rough track that sticks in the memory banks was the Morgan Hill Keds/Huffy Nat of 82 I think. I loved the thing, rough, bumpy, not much room to pass. I have a pic on the gate with the 70s tire.

Can't load it, pic too big. Dang.
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post Sep 4 2010, 09:58 PM
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AA Pro

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Winnebago bmx in Nebraska... Govt. gave the indian tribe money to build a bmx track. Showed up for a state qualifier race and they were still building the track. Imaging racing on fresh dirt after a front end loader has been driving all over it...no berms..just 2 long straights of moon scape track. Next to it had a building that had a small outdoor pool that had 3 feet of the most disgusting water you can imagine. Needless to say it was the one and only race they ever had there.. wonder where all the money went..
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